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Comics in Dialogue / Conversaciones en torno al cómic

The International Conference Comics in Dialogue / Conversaciones en torno al comics tries to be a space for dialogue in which Spanish and foreign creators occupy a prominent position in round tables, keynote speeches, interviews and tributes. At the same time, it aims at becoming a meeting point for researchers of different areas (literary and cultural studies, comparative literature, art history, communication, translation studies, history, education, gender studies…) working on comic studies. The Conference is organized around the thematic areas described below. Conference languages are English, French, and Spanish. 

A scientific programme with workshops and debates structured around authors and keynote speakers and various topics. Line 1 - Languages: abstraction and formal experimentation, visual languages and semiotics, multimedia and transmedial experiments, graphic humour.   Line 2 - Literature and Adaptation: Comics to literature and literature to comic, literary and artistic movements in comics, literary genres in comics,  comics and other forms of storytelling (narrative fiction, historiography, travel narratives, graphic journalism, graphic biography...) Line 3 - Translation: Comics translation, professionalization, and the editorial world. Line 4 - Activisms, feminisms and comics