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Functions, objectives and decision making of the Quality Committee

The Quality Committee of the Doctoral Program in English Linguistics UCM (PhDENGLing) has the following functions: 

  1. Establish and fix the quality policy of the Doctorate Program in English Linguistics (D9AY) according to the quality policy of the Faculty of Philology and with the quality policy of the UCM.
  2. Monitor the Internal Quality Assurance System of the D9AY Program.
  3. Make proposals for review and improvement of the D9AY Program and monitor them appropriately.
  4. Other functions that are attributed to the Commission by any provisions issued in the development of the aforementioned System and that are expressly attributed to this body.

Among the tasks derived from these functions are the following:

  1. Monitor the Internal Quality Assurance System of D9AY.
  2. Monitor and evaluate the quality objectives of D9AY.
  3. Make proposals for revision and improvement of the degree, and then follow up on them.
  4. Collect information and evidence or objective indications on the development of D9AY.
  5. Manage the public information system of D9AY.
  6. Resolve claims that may arise in relation to the development of D9AY; Consider the suggestions presented and encourage the implementation of those that are appropriate.

Regarding the decision-making functions, the Commission follows a rational model of collective leadership. In the event of a conflict, the issues raised are announced and shared in the corresponding meetings, whether virtual or face to face; An impartial analysis of the facts as well as the consideration of past experiences allowing global and objective analysis are sought. After evaluating different alternatives, the best considered is chosen and a solution is reached using the best judgment and  responsibility. When introducing new features, the Commission relies on surveys or discussion groups involving  the  different agents presents  in the program, which are organized in a more or less formal manner. Finally, the commission periodically evaluates its own  work to identify areas where the commission itself and its processes could be more effective, and seeks to find out whether Program members are satisfied with the performance of their duties.

Operating regulations of the Quality Committee of the Faculty of Philology

Philology is quality

Code of good practice

Data protection