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Sigrelandia. Educational tool for environmental awareness.

Sigrelandia. Educational tool for environmental awareness.

Our Group works in researching, consultancy and preparation of educational programs.

How does it work

The work done is grounded on theoretical and practical pedagogical knowledge and is carried out at our own initiative as well as at the request of others. Some of the organizations our Group has worked for include: Porter Novelli, Fundación Crecer Jugando, Asociación Española de Fabricantes de Juguetes, Interprofit, Toys R Us, Sigre, ICOGAM, etc. Over the last 20 years, the Group has been commissioned by these organizations to bring a pedagogical perspective to some of the most pressing topics in education and society: 

  • School children's attitudes to AIDS (1996).
  • Young people and the pedagogical possibilities for teaching human rights at school (1997).
  • Application of narrative pedagogy to the world of children (1997).
  • The pedagogy of leisure and young people's free time (1998).
  • Growing Up with Rights: a pedagogical tool for teaching human rights at school (1998).
  • Civic Commitment among Spanish Youth (1998).
  • Images of the other in childhood: exploration of the limits of cultural diversity in education (1999).
  • Education for a culture of peace (2001).
  • Growing Up in the Child's World Today (2002).
  • The Constitution in the Eyes of the Child (2003).
  • Biographical Memory through Play (2005).
  • Solidarity in Children's Stories (2009).
  • Pedagogical possibilities of play at school (2010).
  • Ecological attitudes and welfare in childhood (2012).
  • Developing Roadway Competence at School (2015-2018).


Appearance of the Child Play Observatory in the Education Commission of the Chamber of Deputies. May 27, 2015.

Appearance of the Child Play Observatory in the Education Commission of the Chamber of Deputies. May 27, 2015.

The Work Group is vouchsafed by its researchers' background, the combination of experience and initiativea critical analysis of the reality of teaching, the use of innovative methodologies, the ability to adapt to new systems and rigour in design and execution. The Group is part of the network of collaborating entities from the "We the Peoples" initiative promoted by the United Nations.

Where has it been developed

The Civic Culture and Educational Policies (CCEP) Research Group,which develops these resources, has its base at the Universidad Complutense's Faculty of Education. It was originally founded in the 1990s with the name "Quirón Group on Educational Research". It was granted status as a consolidated research group at the UCM in 2005, thereby making it the first group in this category at the Faculty of Education.

Currently, it is made up of more than a dozen professors, post-doctoral researchers and pre-doctoral fellows who participate on several projects and agreements with public and private entities alike on the Group's lines of innovation and research.

The Group carries out activities with similar national and international initiatives, and has  promoted collaborations agreements with universities from different parts of the world. Over the last ten years, its members have carried out academic activities in Europe, Latin America, North America, Asia and Oceania.

And also

Faculty of Education. Complutense University.

Faculty of Education. Complutense University.

Some of the activities and services the Group provides include the following:

  • Organising courses on cross-curricular areas (ethics and civic education, teaching human rights, education for diversity, etc.) and educational policy (European Union education policy and programmes, channels of social participation in education, etc.).
  • Writing up studies and reports on aspects on education and the education system.
  • Preparation of pedagogic programmes, guides and materials.
  • Designing technological resources for ethics and civic education.
  • Advising institutions and organisations of formal and non-formal education.

Recent products include:

  • Founding the Observatorio del Juego Infantil (the Child's Play Observatory), an instrument for periodically assessing the evolution of the right to play in childhood.
  • Advising on the creation of Ludocmecum, online technology for pedagogical guidance in choosing store-bought toys.
  • Follow-up of the adaptation and educational development of Sigrelandia, a tool for environmental awareness in childhood.
  • Preparation of the base report for school certification of levels of achievement of roadway competency in Spain, sponsored by the Colegio de Gestores Administrativos de Madrid (the Madrid Admiinstrative Agents Association).



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