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Combination of 7x3 modules

Combination of 7x3 modules

This device develops exercises and distributions of space in the classroom. It is formed by a set of parallelepiped shaped modules interconnected with each other.

On each side of the modules there are elements (switches and light emitters) that control the use of the device and calculate the success when performing the activities through LED signs that can be organized on the surface of the face of the parallelepiped drawing silhouettes or symbols.

How does it work?

Combination of 7x3 modules

Module face with switch (1) and LED board (2) that activates/ deactivates the signals


In the classroom, there are activities where the student must carry out different collective tasks to develop motor or social skills. With this invention, more information is given to the teachers who carry out this work, in order to keep the students' attention and achieve the best possible learning.

Each module of the device contains a microprocessor that executes visual signals on the faces of the parallelepipeds, giving rise to visible exercises at short distances. The microprocessors determine the succession of visual signals on the different faces. The student must deactivate these signals by pressing on the switches, if the answer is correct the screen shows the level of success.

The programming can be designed so that the visual exercises are optometrically normalized.


Behaviors are the method that allows the development of adult attitudes and these are the prelude to transverse competences in adults. This type of device allows routines on which desirable behaviors are constructed.

Where has it been developed?

This invention has been developed between the collaboration between the Faculty of Optics and Optometry and the Faculty of Education and is protected by a utility model since 2018.



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