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Manos de trabajadoras en fábricas de ladrillos (Bangladesh) ©Trygve Bølstad.

Hands of workers in brick factories (Bangladesh). © Trygve Bølstad.

By applying technical and academic knowledge and combining innovative methodologies with those most consolidated in the international field, the IUDC-UCM offers its advice and technical support to public, private and third sector entities for the comprehensive management of the cycle of development cooperation interventions. In particular, the IUDC works in:

• Accompaniment and technical support in the strategic planning of public, private and third sector entities in the field of international cooperation and development.

• Accompaniment and technical support for public, private and third sector entities in the incorporation of new sectors, instruments and modalities of development cooperation.

• Consultancies for private and third sector entities in the identification and design of programs and projects of international development cooperation.

• Evaluation and monitoring systems for international development cooperation programs and projects.

• Training and training actions on methodologies and tools used in the services described above.

• Organization of seminars and discussion meetings.

• Research and publications - on paper or computer support - on these topics.

How does it work

Identification and formulation workshop in San Salvador.
Identification and formulation workshop in San Salvador.

At the IUDC-UCM consulting area we work under the values of quality, excellence and innovation, using methodologies contrasted in the cooperation system and adapted to the new demands, to ensure the participation of all stakeholders in the decision making at all the intervention levels.

Our work is organized based on the project cycle management, using the Logical Framework Approach (LFA) as the main methodology, but cross-linking it with other planning tools and cross-cutting sectors: Managing for Development Results (MfDR), Outcome mapping, Gender Approach, Human Rights Based Approach (HRBA), and the South-South Approach (ESS).

The LFA is an analytical tool for goal-oriented planning and management of interventions. It allows structuring the main elements of an intervention, highlighting the logical links between the expected inputs, the planned activities and the expected outputs and relating them to their wider context, while facilitating the engagement and participation of all stakeholders.

In the area of ​​strategic planning, the IUDC-UCM works with the MfDR, a management model that allows the orientation of all resources, processes, activities and systems towards the achievement of previously established and defined results in terms of development.

Because sustainable human development is only achieved with the active participation of all the people and stakeholders that are part of the process, the IUDC-UCM has introduce new tools and approaches that promote more integrated actions in their technical assistance offer. This are Outcome Mapping, Gender Approach, Human Rights Based Approach (HRBA) and South-South Approach. 

For the preparation of each consultancy, the IUDC-UCM designs a specific process of training or technical assistance for the specific cycle phase that is intended to be consolidated. A team of experts linked to the University is responsible for carrying out relevant work, including field trips if necessary.


With more than 30 years’ experience, the IUDC-UCM works within the framework of proven methodologies in the international field and in the development cooperation system, but always focused on the context, which allows obtaining a high quality work, but coherent and consistent with the environment.

In addition, the combination of assistance, research and training ensures positive synergies between the generation of knowledge and experiences and their transmission and dissemination.

Where has it been developed

The IUDC-UCM is a pioneering institute in Spain in the field of development cooperation. Since its inception it has been able to link its different areas, developing training courses that include all the background of its experience in research and technical assistance. In the field of technical assistance, IUDC-UCM has actively collaborated with public and private institutions on issues related to project management.

And also

The IUDC-UCM is a multidisciplinary team with more than 30 years of experience that combines academic research with a technical capacity background and always focusing on the achievement of sustainable human development.



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