Social events

There are three social events scheduled during the conference.


  1) A welcome reception.


     This reception will take place in Hotel María Cristina, on Sunday 11th, after the scientific  session of celebration of the 40th anniversary of the MOLEC conference. The welcome reception is included in the registration fee of the participants.


  2) A excursion visiting the old city of Toledo.


  The excursion will take place during the afternoon of Tuesday 13, after lunch. It will consist of a visit by walk of a duration of about three hours. During the visit we will enter in some of the most emblematic monuments of old Toledo, namely the Cathedral, Santo Tomé Church (where the painting "Entierro del Señor de Orgaz, by El Greco, is exhibited), the synagogue Santa María la Blanca, and the cloister of San Juan de los Reyes. 

   The visit to old Toledo is included in the registration fee of the participants.


  3) The conference dinner.


  The conference dinner will be celebrated in the evening of Thursday 15. It will take place in the cigarral Viñedos Cigarral Santa María  

  A "cigarral" is a typical country house of Toledo, surrounded by labor lands. The cigarrales are outside the city of Toledo, typically located at a few km. from the city center. Nowadays most of the cigarrales have been converted into charming restaurants where social events (weddings, social meetings, etc) are celebrated. Since the cigarrales are outside of the city, and typically built at high points, spectacular views of the Toledo city are enjoyed from them. Traditional gastronomy is another of the main attractions of cigarrales. 

  We will go to Viñedos Cigarral Santa María by bus. Upon arrival we will enjoy a welcome coctel in the terrace of the cigarral, enjoying beautiful views of Toledo.   After the coctel, the dinner will be served in the restaurant, which is an old wine cellar. After the dinner is finished, the bus will take us back to Toledo city.


  The conference dinner is included in the registration fee of the participants.




  Accompanying persons will have the chance to attend the above three social events. For accompanying persons the prices of these events are:


  1) Welcome reception: 20 Euro

  2) Visit to old Toledo: 20 Euro 

  3) Conference dinner: 85 Euro


  In addition, accompanying persons will have the chance to have lunch with the attendees they are accompanying the days they choose. Lunches will take place in the conference venue: Hotel María Cristina. Accompanying persons will be able to buy the number of lunches that they choose, between 0 and 4, and for the days that they choose. The price of each lunch will be 

   Single lunch: 15 Euro


  Important: All the above events (welcome reception, visit to old Toledo city, conference dinner, and lunches) will be paid in cash upon arrival at the registration desk in the conference venue in Toledo, on Sunday 11th. People arriving later than Sunday 11th should make a reservation in advance for the event of interest, for the corresponding accompanying person. To make this reservation in advance, just send an e-mail message to, stating the event and the number of accompanying persons attending the event.