I have always been fascinated and curious about the nature and the environment. However, my passion for microbes appeared during the second year of the Degree in Biology at the Universidad Complutense of Madrid. After my master studies in Microbiology at the Universidad Autónoma of Madrid, I became very interested in the field of antibiotics and the global health problem of antimicrobial resistance. Thus, I started my PhD thesis at José Luis Martínez’s lab in the National Center for Biotechnology (CNB). During this period, we explored and identified the main antibiotic resistance mechanisms of the opportunistic pathogen Stenotrophomonas maltophilia, both by induction of multidrug efflux pumps, as well as by experimental evolution studies.

In this new stage as a postdoc in the MBA lab, we aim to unveil the unknown functions encoded in the Vibrio cholerae superintegron cassettes, a motivating and challenging project that will help to better understand the evolutionary role of this genetic platform.