Filipa Trigo da Roza

PhD Student

As a student, I was passioned for nature, animals and biology and a Veterinary degree seemed the natural choice for me. My early attention was focused in the equine field, nevertheless, a few subjects on microbiology and antibiotic resistance inspired me to develop a master thesis project in collaboration with the equine hospital and the microbiology laboratory from my university in Lisbon, as well as the UMCG in the Netherlands.

Following a work experience as a veterinarian intern in the Equine Hospital of the Lisbon University, where I had the opportunity to maintain some activity in the microbiology lab, it became clear that a research path would be the most fulfilling to me.

This new adventure in Madrid as a PhD student consists on the development of a biotechnological tool to capture antimicrobial resistance cassettes in integrons. This tool will allow us to analyze in an unprecedented way the prevalence and circulation of resistance cassettes in all the fields of the One Health concept. My introduction to molecular biology is revealing itself as both thrilling and challenging, and this project will enable me to strengthen my knowledge in this worrying world-wide problem: antimicrobial resistance.