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Master's Thesis

Master's Thesis

Dates for master's theses calls, 2021/2022 [PDF]

Further information regarding extraordinary call, February 2022 [PDF]

[NEW] Further information regarding ordinary call, June 2022 [PDF]

Guidelines and FAQs, 2020/2021 [PDF]

Document 1 (“Propuesta de título y coordinador")  [Word]

Document 2 (“Aceptación de tutorización del Trabajo de Fin de Master") [Word]

Document 3 (“Portada”) [Word]

Document 4 (“Declaración de no plagio”) [Word]

Document 5 (“Informe de valoración del tutor”) [Word

The agreement between Universidad de Alcalá and Universidad Complutense for the Master's Thesis in the American Studies program can be found here [PDF, in Spanish].

General regulations for the Master's Thesis at Universidad Complutense de Madrid can be found here [in Spanish]: https://bouc.ucm.es/pdf/2460.pdf.

[NEW] July 2022 committees for Master's Theses (TFM), only for UCM students [PDF]

Further information on how to turn in your master's thesis if you are a Complutense student and you are defending in February 2021: Please visit the "Trabajos de Fin de Máster UCM (MANAS: Master in American Studies)" space at the UCM campus virtual.