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Master's Degrees


Changes in the program as a result of the COVID-19 sanitary crisis

Changes for each course as a result of the COVID-19 sanitary crisis can be found here: https://www.institutofranklin.net/en/academics/master-in-american-studies/academic-information/descripcion-general/


The Master's in American Studies is structured following a system of modules, subjects, and courses, organized in ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) credits. These credits reflect the amount of work on the student's part required to pass a course (25 hours per credit).

Courses are divided into two semesters (one academic year; students may also take two years to complete the program). 

Classes for the first semester are taught at Universidad Complutense; those for the second semester are taught at Universidad de Alcalá. 

The Master’s requires the completion of 60 credits, distributed across two modules and a master’s thesis:

Module of General Instruction and Research in North American Studies: 36 credits, in 7 required courses.

Module of Specialization in North American Studies: 12 credits, in 2 elective courses.

Master’s Thesis: 12 credits.

Program specialization: The Master’s Degree in American Studies offers three areas of specialization:

  • Literature and Culture (includes electives “Key Authors and Texts of American Literature” and “Multiculturalism: Ethnic American Cultural Expressions”).
  • Policy and International Relations (includes electives “US Foreign Policy” and “American Natural Heritage and Environmentalism: History, Policy, Science, Thought, and Culture”).
  • History and Social Sciences (includes electives “History of America as a Land of Immigrants” and “US Domestic and Foreign Economic Policies”).

These three areas are designed to help students create their own specialization. Students may combine any two elective courses from any of the three options according to their own interests.

Academic Program

Type of course ECTS
Required courses 36
Elective courses 12
Master's Thesis 12
Total 60


Required courses ECTS
Module of General Instruction and Research in North American Studies  

American Studies and Research Methods



American Thought and Political Tradition



American Visual Cultures



History of the American People: Memory and Identity



Institutions and Organizations: Meaning and Function



The Exported America: The Social History of Americanization in the World



The Hispanic Heritage (“La Hispanidad”) in the US






Elective Courses ECTS
Module of Specialization in North American Studies

Key Authors and Texts of American Literature


The History of America as a Land of Immigrants



US Domestic and Foreign Economic Policies



US Foreign Policy



American Natural Heritage and Environmentalism: History, Policy, Science, Thought, and Culture



Multiculturalism: Ethnic American Cultural Expressions





Master's Thesis ECTS
Master's Thesis 12