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Heritage Project:

The study analysis and historic preservation is a task of utmost importance in countries like Spain with a historical and artistic heritage of world significance. Optical technologies applied in this field offer a number of important advantages for the analysis, processing and preservation of such cultural property.


The Complutense University team developed a task in this area in collaboration with various companies and institutions. It should be noted, for example, works dedicated to the restoration treatment analysis by evaluating photometrically the loss of ink in the incunable Enneads of Plotinus.


We have also worked in a digital imaging system applied to photogrammetry applied to monuments. We have developed a lighting system in the spectral range of infrared. We have developed a system approach applied to hyperspectral cameras.

Currently we are developing a project that involved and collaborate the most important museums of Spain, Reina Sofía, Museo del Traje, Thyssen and Prado, the Spanish Cultural Heritage Institute, to assess the damage function spectral in pictoric  materials and most important textiles. This project has been funded by the Ministry of Science and Technology.