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Research Teams and Lines

Main hallmarks


IDEA Lab comprises members making up an inter-university and inter-institutional network for the pursuit of research and the transfer of knowledge in the following areas of interest: management, evaluation and administration of information and documentation organizations and services.

Its members comprise both senior and junior researchers with the following common denominator: research lines and prior experience in research collaboration.

Within this line, the group includes a number of university lecturers, researchers and other professionals related to research (alumni and/or current students of the degrees taught at the Faculty of Documentation Sciences of the UCM University) in the areas of interest mentioned in the research areas section.

Taken as a whole, the IDEA Lab is designed as a laboratory and an observatory of innovating trends, strategies and models in the areas of management, evaluation and administration of organizations with a view to the submission of proposals for implementation at information and documentation units and services in both the public and private sectors.