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Research Teams and Lines

Institutionalization of the group

The official formalization of the IDEA Lab research group lies within the context of the research group evaluation process begun by the Office of the Vice-President for Scientific Policy, Research and Doctoral Studies at the Complutense University in March, 2017.

Against this background, a number of lecturers, researchers and other professionals linked to research, with shared research lines and extensive teaching and/or research experience, decided to take steps to formalize this group in order to achieve initial validation as a UCM research group and to opt for the external evaluation process by the State Research Agency (“Agencia Estatal de Investigación”, AEI).

Following this global assessment process, the IDEA Lab research group obtained a positive evaluation from the Spanish Government’s State Research Agency and was validated by the UCM in July, 2018 (https://www.ucm.es/grupos/grupo/851).