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Table PDF - Papers 2014-2021

Selected publications 2020

  • Nano Letters  (2020) 20, 12, 8689–8695. "Strain Modulation of Si Vacancy Emission from SiC Micro- and Nanoparticles" G. C. Vásquez* M. E. Bathen, A. Galeckas, C. Bazioti, K. M. Johansen, D. Maestre, A. Cremades, Ø. Prytz, A. M. Moe, A. Yu. Kuznetsov and L. Vines
  • Nanomaterials 10, 2229 (2020) "Femtosecond Double-Pulse Laser Ablation and Deposition of Co-Doped ZnS Thin Films"  I. López-Quintas, E. Rebollar, D. Ávila-Brande, J. G. Izquierdo, L. Bañares, C. Díaz-Guerra, A. Urbieta, M. Castillejo, R. de Nalda, M. Martín
  • Scientific Reports, 10, 5503 (2020) "Comparative study of the implementation of tin and titanium oxide nanoparticles as electrodes materials in Li-ion batteries" Félix del Prado, Hanne Flåten Andersen, María Taeño, Jan Petter Mæhlen, Julio Ramírez-Castellanos, David Maestre, Smagul Karazhanov, Ana Cremades

  • Journal of Physical Chemistry C (2020) 124, 34, 18490–18501 "Influence of doping and controlled Sn charge state on the structural stability and performance of SnO2 nanoparticles as anodes in Li-ion batteries" Antonio Vázquez-López,  David Maestre; Julio Ramírez-Castellanos; José M González-Calbet; Igor Píš; Silvia Nappini; Neslihan Yuca; Ana Cremades

  • Crystal Growth & Design (20) 1 ,506-513 "Zn2GeO4/SnO2 Nanowire Heterostructures Driven by Plateau–Rayleigh Instability" Dolado, Jaime; Renforth, Kate L; Nunn, James E; Hindsmarsh, Steve A; Hidalgo, Pedro; Sánchez, Ana M; Méndez, Bianchi
  • Journal of Alloys and Compounds 820, 153146 (2020) "Growth and characterisation of ZnO micro/nanostructures doped with cerium for photocatalytic degradation applications" M. Rodríguez-Peña, G. Flores-Carrasco, A. Urbieta, M.E. Rabanal, and P. Fernández
  • Ceramics International 46, 8358-8367 (2020) "Study of the influence of the precursors on the sensing properties of ZnO:Cu system" A. Ramos, A. Urbieta. G. Escalante, P. Hidalgo, J.P. Espinós, P. Fernández
  • J. Mat. Chem. C 8, 2725-2731 (2020) "New insights into the luminescent properties of Na stabilized Ga – Ti oxides homologous series" Javier García-Fernández, Marina García-Carrión, Almudena Torres-Pardo, Ruth Martínez-Casado, Julio Ramírez-Castellanos, Emilio Nogales, Jose M. González-Calbet and Bianchi Méndez
  • Acta Materialia, 196 626-634 (2020) "

    Understanding the UV luminescence of zinc germanate: the role of native defects" J. Dolado, R. Martínez-Casado, P. Hidalgo, R. Gutierrez, A. Dianat, G. Cuniberti, F. Domínguez-Adame, E. Díaz, B. Méndez
  • Chem. Mater. 2020, 32, 14, 6176–6185, "Influence of Cation Substitution on the Complex Structure and Luminescent Properties of the ZnkIn2Ok+3 System" Javier García-Fernández, Almudena Torres-Pardo, Javier Bartolomé, Ruth Martínez-Casado, Qing Zhang, Julio Ramírez-Castellanos,Osamu Terasaki, Ana Cremades, Jose M. González-Calbet
  • Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids 139, 109354 (2020) "Study of the influence of dopant precursor on the growth and properties of Li-doped ZnO" R. Ariza, F. Pavón, A. Urbieta, P. Fernández.
  • Materials Letters 261, 127088 (2020) "Hybrid solar cells with b- and c- gallium oxide nanoparticles" Marina García-Carrión, Julio Ramírez-Castellanos, Emilio Nogales, Bianchi Méndez, Chang Chuan You, Smagul Karazhanov, Erik S. Marstein
  • Molecules, 25(3), 695 (2020) "Synergetic Improvement of Stability and Conductivity of Hybrid Composites formed by PEDOT:PSS and SnO Nanoparticles" A. Vázquez-López, A. Yaseen, D. Maestre, J. Ramírez-Castellanos, E. Marstein, S. Zh. Karazhanov, A. Cremades
  • Journal of Alloys & Compounds, 154172 (2020) "Fabrication and study of self-assembled NiO surface networks assisted by Sn doping" M. Taeño, D. Maestre y A. Cremades
  • J. Mater. Res. Technol. 9, 1261 (2020) "Photocatalytic activity of electric-arc furnace flue dusts" F.A. López, L. Alcaraz, A. Urbieta. M.E. Rabanal, and P. Fernández
  • RSC Advances, 10, 11892-11897 (2020) "Influence of an external electric field on the rapid synthesis of MoO3 micro- and nanostructures by Joule heating of Mo wires" B. Rodríguez, P. Hidalgo, J. Piqueras and B. Méndez

  • Materials Letters, 271, 127801 (2020) "Formation of NiO/SnO2 p-n heteroestructures grown by a single-step process based on a vapor-solid method

    M. Taeño, D. Maestre and A. Cremades
  • Materials Letters, 271, 127802 (2020) "

    Improved silicon surface passivation by hybrid composites formed by PEDOT:PSS with anatase TiO2 nanoparticles" 

    Vazquez-Lopez, A ; Yaseen, A; Maestre, D ; Ramirez-Castellanos, J ; Karazhanov, SZ ; Marstein, ES ; Cremades.

  • Materials Letters, 275, 128152 (2020) "The role of surface properties in the cathodoluminescence of Zn2GeO4/SnO2 nanowire heterostructures" J. Dolado, P. Hidalgo and B. Méndez

  • J. Mater. Sci., 55, 11431–11438 (2020) "Ge incorporation in gallium oxide nanostructures grown by thermal treatment" M. Alonso-Orts, Ana M. Sánchez, E, Nogales and B. Méndez

  • Crystal Growth & Design (20) 6 ,4082-4091 (2020) "Self-Organized NiO Microcavity Arrays fabricated by thermal treatments" Maria Taeño, Javier Bartolomé, Luca Gregoratti, Pawel Modrzynski, David Maestre, Ana Cremades

  • Materials 2020, 13(6), 1275, "

    Role of the La/K compositional ratio in the properties of waveguides written by fs-laser induced element redistribution in phosphate-based glasses" 

    Pedro Moreno-Zarate, Francisco Muñoz, Belén Sotillo, Manuel Macías-Montero, Julia Atienzar, Marina García, Paloma Fernández, Rosalia Serna, and Javier Solis

  • Nanomaterials 2020, 10(4), 731 "

    Growth by thermal evaporation of organized ensembles of ZnO structures on femtosecond laser induced periodic structures on silicon" 

    B. Sotillo, J. Siegel, R. Ariza, J. Solis, P. Fernández

  • Catalysts 2020, 10(5), 551 "

    In-depth structural and optical analysis of Ce-modified ZnO nanopowders with enhanced photocatalytic activity prepared by microwave assisted hydrothermal method" 

    Otman Bazta, Ana Urbieta, Susana Trasobares, Javier Piqueras, Paloma Fernández, Mohammed Addou, Jose Juan Calvino, Ana Belén Hungría

  • RSC advances, 10 (36). 21406 -21412 "

    Recovery of niobium and tantalum by solvent extraction from Sn–Ta–Nb mining tailings" 

    Olga Rodríguez, Francisco J. Alguacil, Esther Escudero Baquero, Irene García-Díaz, Paloma Fernández, Belén Sotillo, Félix A. López

  • Applied Materials Today 21 (2020) 100822 "

    Defect-related luminescence properties of hydroxyapatite nanobelts" 

    V. Huerta, P. Fernández, V. Gómez, O. Graeve and M. Herrera

  • Nanomaterials 2020, 10(11), 2289 "

    Characterization of K6Ta10.8O30 Microrods with Tetragonal Tungsten Bronze-Like Structure Obtained from Tailings from the Penouta Sn-Ta-Nb Deposit" 

    B. Sotillo, L. Alcaraz, F.A. López, P. Fernández 

  • IEEE Sensors Journal 21 (2020) 2573. "Fabrication and Characterization of ZnO:CuO Electronic Composites for Their Application in Sensing Processes" 

    D. Ramos-Ramos, B.Sotillo, A. Urbieta, P. Fernández

  • Journal of Raman Spectroscopy, 51 (12), 2489-24952489 (2020) "

    Raman response of topologically protected surface states in

    sub-micrometric Pb0.77Sn0.23Se flakes" Sanaz Mehdipour, David López-Diaz, María Mercedes Velázquez, Pedro Hidalgo, Bianchi Méndez, Mónica Luna, Vittorio Bellani, Mario Amado, Geetha Balakrishnan, Enrique Diez

Selected publications 2019

  • Ceramics International 45, 6842-6852 (2019) "Influence of yttrium doping on the structural, morphological and optical properties of nanostructured ZnO thin films grown by spray pyrolysis" O. Bazta, A. Urbieta, J. Piqueras, P. Fernández, M. Addou, J. J. Calvino, A. B. Hungría
  • J. Mater. Res. Technol. 8, 2809-2818 (2019) "New photocatalytic materials obtained from the recycling of alkaline and Zn/C spent batteries" L. Alcaraz, I. García-Díaz, L. González, M. E. Rabanal, A. Urbieta, P. Fernández, F. A. López
  • Journal of Alloys and Compounds 808, 151710 (2019), "Enhanced UV emission of Li-Y co-doped ZnO thin films via spray pyrolysis" O. Bazta, A. Urbieta, J. Piqueras, P. Fernández, M. Addou, J. J. Calvino, A. B. Hungría
  • Acta Mater. 169, 15 - 27 (2019) "Engineering strain and conductivity of MoO3 by ion implantation" Daniela R. Pereira, Carlos Díaz-Guerra, Marco Peres, Sergio Magalhães, João G. Correia, José G. Marques, Ana G. Silva, Eduardo Alves, Katharina Lorenz
  • J. Nanopart. Res. 21, 81 (2019) "Influence of the synthesis conditions of Y0.9Dy0.1VO4 and silica-coated Y0.9Dy0.1VO4 nanophosphors on the powder morphology and luminescence emission intensity" L. Alcaraz, J. Isasi, and C. Díaz-Guerra,
  • Nano Research 12, 441 (2019) "“Li2SnO3 branched nano- and microstructures with intense and broadband white-light emission”García-Tecedor, M., Bartolomé, J., Maestre, D, Trampert, A, Cremades, A.
  • Nanotechnology, 30, 054004 (2019) "Direct observation of tunnelled intergrowth in SnO2/Ga2O3 Complex Nanowires" O M Rigby, A V Stamp, S A Hindmarsh, M Alonso-Orts, E Nogales, B Mendez, A M Sanchez
  • J. Phys. Chem C, 123, 11874 (2019) "Incorporation of Europium into GaN Nanowires by Ion Implantation" D. Nd. Faye, X. Biquard, E. Nogales, M. Felizardo, M. Peres, A. Redondo-Cubero, T. Auzelle, B. Daudin, L.H.G. Tizei, M. Kociak, P. Ruterana, W. Möller, B. Méndez, E. Alves, K. Lorenz
  • Front. Chem. 7:200 (2019) "First Principles Calculations on the Stoichiometric and Defective (101) Anatase Surface and Upon Hydrogen and H2Pc Adsorption: The Influence of Electronic Exchange and Correlation and of Basis Set Approximations." R. Martinez-Casado, M. Todorović, G. Mallia, N. M. Harrison, and R. Pérez.
  • 2D Mater., 6, 015023 (2019) "Grain selective Cu oxidation and anomalous shift of graphene 2D Raman peak in the graphene–Cu system" J. Bartolomé, L. Álvarez-Fraga, M. X. Aguilar-Pujol, S. Cortijo, A. Cremades, C. Prieto, A. de Andrés
  • Appl. Surf. Sci., 493, 32-40 (2019) "Formation and Stability of highly Conductive Semitransparent Copper Meso-Grids Covered with Graphene" L. Álvarez-Fraga, J. Bartolomé, M. X. Aguilar-Pujol, R. Ramírez-Jiménez, C. Prieto, A. de Andrés
  • Nanomaterials 9, 1372 (2019) "Dysprosium removal from water using active carbons 2 obtained from spent coffee ground" L. Alcaraz , M.E. Escudero , F.J. Alguacil , I. LLorente , A. Urbieta , P. Fernández , and F.A. López.
  • Chem. Mater., 31, 3662-3671 (2019) "Huge Photostability Enhancement in Bismuth-Doped Methylammonium Lead Iodide Hybrid Perovskites by Light-Induced Transformation" J. Bartolomé, E. Climent-Pascual, C. Redondo-Obispo, C. Zaldo, Á. L. Álvarez, A. de Andrés, C. Coya
  • Nano Lett. 19, 5938−5948 (2019) "Absence of Quantum-Confined Stark Effect in GaN Quantum Disks Embedded in (Al,Ga)N Nanowires Grown by Molecular Beam Epitaxy" C. Sinito, P. Corfdir, C. Pfüller, G. Gao, J. Bartolomé, S. Kölling, A. Rodil Doblado, U. Jahn, J. Lähnemann, T. Auzelle, J. K. Zettler, T. Flissikowski, P. Koenraad, H. T. Grahn, L. Geelhaar, S. Fernández-Garrido, and O. Brandt
  • Scientific Reports 9, 13572 (2019) "Quantum nanoconstrictions fabricated by cryo-etching in encapsulated graphene"
    Clericò, Vito; Delgado-Notario, Juan Antonio; Saiz-Bretín, Marta; Malyshev, Andrey V; Meziani, Yahya M; Hidalgo, Pedro; Méndez, Bianchi; Amado, Mario; Domínguez-Adame, Francisco; Diez, Enrique;

Selected publications 2018

  • Applied Surface Science 439, 1010-1018 (2018) "Effect of Ga incorporation on morphology and defect structures evolution in VLS grown 1D In2O3 nanostructures" Jesús Alberto Ramos-Ramón, Umapada Pal, Ana Cremades, David Maestre
  • Materials Letters 220, 156-160 (2018) "Fabrication of ZnO-TiO2 axial micro-heterostructures by a vapor-solid method" Carlos Bueno; Tomás Díaz; Mauricio Pacio; David Maestre; Ana Cremades
  • Journal of Alloys and Compounds 744 (2018) 421-425 "In-situ transmission electron microscopy study of melting and diffusion processes at the nanoscale in ZnO nanotubes with Sn cores" Y. Ortega, M.L.Nó, P. Fernández, J. Piqueras and J.M. San Juan
  • Journal of Luminescence 195 (2018) 396-401 "Luminescence and light guiding properties of Er and Li codoped ZnO nanostructures" F. Pavón, A. Urbieta, P. Fernández
  • Nanotechnol. 29, 355707 (2018) "Size-selective breaking of the core–shell structure of gallium nanoparticles" S Catalán-Gómez, A Redondo-Cubero, F J Palomares, L Vázquez, E Nogales, F Nucciarelli, B Méndez, N Gordillo and J L Pau
  • Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 6, 6299-6308 (2018) "Controlled synthesis of lithium doped tin dioxide nanoparticles by a polymeric precursor method and analysis of the resulting defect structure" Félix del Prado Hurtado, Ana Cremades, David Maestre, Julio Ramirez-Castellanos, José M González-Calbet and Javier Piqueras
  • Scientific Reports 8, 8740 (2018). "Understanding the effects of Cr doping in rutile TiO2 by DFT calculations and X-ray spectroscopy" G. Cristian Vásquez, David Maestre, Ana Cremades, Julio Ramírez-Castellanos, Elena Magnano, Silvia Nappini, Smagul Zh. Karazhanov
  • Appl. Phys. Lett. 113, 031902 (2018) "Spatially resolved optical activation of Eu ions by laser irradiation in implanted hexagonal MoO3 microrods." P. Almodóvar, C. Díaz-Guerra, J. Ramírez-Castellanos, J.M. González-Calbet, M. Peres, and K. Lorenz
  • J Mater Sci (2018) 53: 2026 "Luminescence and gas sensing properties of ZnO obtained from the recycling of alkaline batteries" Carlos Sardá, Germán Escalante, Irene García-Díaz, Félix A. López, Paloma Fernández
  • Physical Review Applied 9, 064004 (2018) "Modal analysis of beta -Ga2O3:Cr widely tunable luminescent optical microcavities" M. Alonso-Orts, E. Nogales, J. M. San Juan, M. L No, J. Piqueras and B. Méndez
  • Crys. Eng. Com. 20, 2952-2960 (2018) "Optical spectroscopy study of nano- and microstructures fabricated by femtosecond laser pulses on ZnO based systems" Esther de Prado, Camilo Florian; Belén Sotillo; Jan Siegel; Javier Solis; Paloma Fernández
  • Nanotechnology 29 (3), 035401 (2018) "Silicon surface passivation by PEDOT: PSS functionalized by SnO2 and TiO2 nanoparticles" M García-Tecedor, S Zh Karazhanov, GC Vásquez, H Haug, D Maestre, A Cremades, M Taeño, J Ramírez-Castellanos, JM González-Calbet, J Piqueras, CC You, ES Marstein
  • Surf. Coat. Technol. 355, 50-54 (2018) "Electrical characterization of molybdenum oxide lamellar crystals irradiated with UV light and proton beams" D.R. Pereira, M. Peres, L.C. Alves, J.G. Correia, C. Díaz-Guerra, A.G. Silva, E. Alves, K. Lorenz
  • CrystEngComm, 20, 4449 (2018) "Fast growth of undoped and Sn and Tb doped ZnO nanowires by Joule heating of Zn" A. Urbieta, V. Sánchez, P. Fernández, J. Piqueras.
  • CrystEngComm, 20, 4954 (2018) "In situ local assessment of laser irradiation-induced phase transformations in hexagonal MoO3" P. Almodóvar, C. Díaz-Guerra, J. Ramírez-Castellanos, J.M. González-Calbet
  • RSC Advances 8, 33496-33505 (2018) "Synthesis and properties of zinc manganese binary oxides with different Mn/Zn ratios from spent alkaline and Zn-C batteries"  L. Alcaraz, A. López-Fernández, I. García-Díaz, A. Urbieta, P.Fernández, F. A. López

Selected publications 2017

  • Nano Letters, 17, 515-522 (2017): "Shape Engineering Driven by Selective Growth of SnO2 on Doped Ga2O3 Nanowires" Manuel Alonso-Orts, Ana M. Sánchez, Steven A. Hindmarsh, Iñaki López, Emilio Nogales, Javier Piqueras, and Bianchi Méndez
  • CrystEngComm, 19, 2339 (2017) "Effects of thermal annealing on the structural and electronic properties of rare earth-implanted MoO3 nanoplates" M. Vila, C. Diaz-Guerra, K. Lorenz, J. Piqueras, I. Pis, E. Magnano, C. Munuera, E. Alves, M. Garcia-Hernandez
  • CrysEngComm, Advanced Article 19, 4321-4329 (2017) "Effect of lithium doping and precursors on the microstructural, surface electronic and luminescence properties of single crystalline microtubular tin oxide structures" F. del Prado Hurtado, Ana Cremades, Julio Ramirez-Castellanos, David Maestre, José M González-Calbet, Javier Piqueras
  • Journal of Alloys and Compounds 723, 520 (2017) "Formation of β-Bi2O3 and δ-Bi2O3 during laser irradiation of Bi films studied in-situ by spatially resolved Raman spectroscopy" C. Díaz-Guerra, P. Almodóvar, M. Camacho-López, S. Camacho-López, J. Piqueras
  • Journal of Alloys and Compounds 726, 201-208 (2017) "High-yield growth of Ti doped ZnO nano- and microstructures by a vapor-solid method" C. Bueno, D. Maestre, T. Díaz, H. Juárez, M. Pacio, A. Cremades, and J. Piqueras
  • Crystal Growth & Design, 17, 4596 (2017) "Fabricating Necklace, Tower, and Rod-shaped In2O3 Nanostructures by Controlling Saturation Kinetics of Catalyst Droplets in VLS Process" Jesus A. Ramos Ramón, Ana Cremades, David Maestre, Rutilo Silva-Gonzalez, Umapada Pal
  • Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 728, 827 (2017) "Thermal growth, structural and optical characterization of hierarchical Bi2O3 - MoO3 nanostructures" María Vila, Carlos Díaz-Guerra, Javier Piqueras
  • CrystEngComm, 19, 6127 (2017) "3D and 2D growth of SnO2 nanostructures on Ga2O3 nanowires: Synthesis and structural characterization" M. Alonso-Orts, A. M. Sánchez, I. López, E. Nogales, J. Piqueras, B. Méndez
  • J. Phys. Chem. C 121, 24809 - 24815 (2017) "Assessing Oxygen Vacancies in Bismuth Oxide Through EELS Measurements and DFT Simulations" Pau Torruella, Catalina Coll, Gemma Martín, Lluis López-Conesa, María Vila, Carlos Díaz-Guerra, María Varela, María Luisa Ruiz-González, Javier Piqueras, Francesca Peiró, and Sonia Estradé
  • Acta Materialia 135 (2017) 35 "Interconfigurational transitions of Yb+2 and Yb+3 ions in hydroxyapatite: a cathodoluminescence study" L.A. Zavala-Sánchez, J. N. Díaz de León, P. Fernández, E. Novitskaya, M.Herrera and O.A. Graeve
  • Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 5(39),10176-10184 (2017) "Structural characterization at atomic level and optical properties on the ZnkIn2Ok+3 (3≤k≤13) system." García-Fernández, Javier; Bartolome, Javier; Torres, Almudena; Peche-Herrrero, M. Andrea; Moreno, Jaime; Ramirez-Castellanos, Julio; Cremades, Ana; Gonzalez-Calbet, Jose; Piqueras, Javier.
  • Journal of Materials Chemistry C 5 (39), 10260-10269 (2017)"Nanocrystalline cubic ruthenium carbide formation in the synthesis of graphene on ruthenium ultrathin films" Félix Jiménez-Villacorta, Leo Álvarez-Fraga, Javier Bartolomé, Esteban Climent-Pascual, Eduardo Salas-Colera, Montserrat X Aguilar-Pujol, Rafael Ramírez-Jiménez, Ana Cremades, Carlos Prieto, Alicia de Andrés
  • Journal of Cleaner Production, 148, 795-803 (2017) "Synthesis and microstructural properties of zinc oxide nanoparticles prepared by selective leaching of zinc from spent alkaline batteries using ammoniacal ammonium carbonate" Félix A. López, Teresa Cebriano, Irene García-Díaz, Paloma Fernández, Olga Rodríguez, Ana López Fernández
  • Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering 5, 2903 (2017) "Synthesis and characterization of ZnO micro- and nanostructures grown from recovered ZnO from spent alkaline batteries" Teresa Cebriano, Irene García-Díaz, Ana López Fernández, Paloma Fernández and Félix A. López
  • Physical Review B (Rapid Communication), 95, 201301(R), (2017) "Photochromic mechanism in oxygen-containing yttrium hydride thin films" J. Montero, F.A. Martinsen, M. Carcía-Tecedor, D. Maestre
  • Journal of lightwave Technologies, 35 (2017) 2955 "High efficiency waveguide optical amplifiers and lasers via fs-laser induced local modification of the glass composition" J. Hoyo, P. Moreno-Zárate, G. Escalante, J.A. Vallés, P. Fernández, M. Á. Rebolledo, J. Solis

Selected publications 2022

  • Small, 18, 2105355 (2022) "Wide dynamic range thermometer based on luminescent optical cavities in Ga2O3:Cr nanowires" M. Alonso-Orts, D. Carrasco, J.M. San Juan, M.L Nó, A. de Andrés, E. Nogales, B. Méndez

Selected publications 2021

  • J. Power Sources, 516, 230656 (2021) "h-MoO3/AlCl3-Urea/Al: High performance and low-cost rechargeable Al-ion battery" P. Almodóvar, D. Giraldo, C. Díaz-Guerra, J. Ramírez-Castellanos, J. González Calbet, J. Chacón, M. L. López
  • Nanophotonics 10, 1785-1799 (2021). “An approach to emerging optical and optoelectronic applications based on NiO micro- and nanostructures”. M. Taeño, D. Maestre and A. Cremades

  • Nanomaterials, 11, 976 (2021). “In Situ Local Oxidation of SnO Induced by Laser Irradiation: A Stability Study”. A. Vázquez-López, D. Maestre, J. Ramírez-Castellanos and A. Cremades

  • IEEE Sensors Journal 21, 2573 (2021) "Fabrication and Characterization of ZnO:CuO electronic composites for their application in sensing processes" D. J. Ramos-Ramos, B. Sotillo, A. Urbieta, P. Fernández
  •  Catalysts 11, 71 (2021) "ZnO Nanoparticles with Controllable Ce Content for Efficient Photocatalytic Degradation of MB Synthesized by the Polyol Method" G. Flores‐Carrasco, M. Rodríguez‐Peña, A. Urbieta, P. Fernández, M. E. Rabanal

  • Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 881, 160654 (2021). “Study of Sn doped NiO microwires with waveguiding behaviour grown by a vapor-solid process”. M. Taeño, D. Maestre and A. Cremades
  • Journal of Alloys and Compounds 877, 160219 (2021) "Vapor-solid growth ZnO:ZrO2 micro and nanocomposites" R. Ariza, M. Dael, B. Sotillo, A. Urbieta, J. Solís, P. Fernández


  • Materials Letters, 287, 129289 (2021). “Resonant cavity modes in nickel oxide microcrystals”. M. Taeño, D. Maestre and A. Cremades

  • Nanomaterials, 11(2), 444 (2021). “Towards control of the size, composition and surface area of NiO nanostructures by Sn doping”. M. Taeño, D. Maestre, J. Ramírez-Castellanos, S.H. Li, P.S. Lee and A. Cremades

  • Journal of Energy and Power Technology, 3, 2 (2021). “Hybrid materials and nanoparticles for hybrid silicon solar cells and Li-ion batteries”. A. Vázquez-López, M. García-Carrión, E. Hall, A. Yaseen, I. Kalafat, M. Taeño, J. Zhu, X. Zhang, E. Arici, O. Suat Taskin, D. Maestre, E. Nogales, P. Hidalgo, J. Ramírez-Castellanos, B. Méndez, N. Yuca, S. Karazhanov, E. S. Marstein and A. Cremades

  • Optics Letters, 46, 278-281 (2021) "Near-UV optical cavities in Ga2O3 nanowires". Manuel Alonso-Orts, Gerwin Chilla, Rudolfo Hötzel, Emilio Nogales, José M. San Juan, María L. Nó, Martin Eickhoff, and Bianchi Méndez - article highlighted as an Editor's Pick
  • Ceramics International 47 (10), 13859-13864 (2021) "Characterization of Nb22O54 microrods grown from niobium oxide powders recovered from mine tailings" B Sotillo, FA López, L Alcaraz, P Fernández.

  • Materials 14 (12), 3185 (2021) "Competition Effects during Femtosecond Laser Induced Element Redistribution in Ba- and La-Migration Based Laser Written Waveguides" M Macias-Montero, P Moreno-Zárate, F Muñoz, B Sotillo, M Garcia-Pardo, R. Serna, P. Fernandez, J. Solis

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