Grupos de investigación

Research lines

Semiconductor Nanostructures: physical properties and applications

  • Senior researchers: Bianchi Méndez, Ana Cremades, Pedro Hidalgo, Emilio Nogales, David Maestre
  • Early stage researchers: Ruth Martinez, Javier Bartolomé, María Taeño, Manuel Alonso
  • PhD students: Beatriz Rodriguez, Javier García, Daniel Carrasco

The core of our research is the study of the physical properties of single and complex nanostructures based on semiconductor oxides and nanocomposites: binary oxides (Ga2O3, TiO2, SnO2, NiO, CuO, Sb2O3, MoO…), ternary compounds (Zn2GeO4, IZO, stannates, beta-galia rutile) and nanocomposites with reduced graphene oxide. By doping / morphology / defects engineering we pursue improvement in performance of devices with applications in optoelectronics, solar cells, batteries or sensors. Recenlty, we focus on exploiting the mixing dimensionality effects of the nanostrutures (nanomembranes and nanowires) in their physical properties. 

Materials for Circular and Greener Economy

  • Senior researchers: Paloma Fernández, Carlos Díaz-Guerra, Ana Urbieta
  • Early stage researchers: Belén Sotillo
  • PhD students: Fernando Pavón, Micaela Peña, Rocío Ariza
Presently we are focusing on the study of semiconductor oxides for applications in photocatalysis, gas sensing, energy applicaions, etc. We are developing a research line to study the materials recovered from different recycling proccesses  with the aim to reintroduce them in the value chain as materials with a high technological value. Our main expertise is the characterization of optical and electronic properties as well as structural a morphological study of micro- and nanostructures.