Grupos de investigación

Research projects

Granted projects 

  • Project BAT4EVER: “Autonomous Self-Healing polymer based Components for high performant Lithium Ion Batteries” H2020 project. (2020 – 2023) Cooperative project 10 partners. Coordinator: VUB Belgium, UCM-PI: Ana Cremades/ Bianchi Méndez.  

  • RTI2018-097195-B-I00: "Novel paradigms on functional wide band gap nano-oxides. In situ-characterization and correlative microscopy". National project. MCIN. (2018 – 2021) PIs: Bianchi Méndez and Ana Cremades.

  • AFOSR project: “Exploring light-matter interaction in gallium oxide micro- and nanostructures”. Air Force Office of Scientific Research (2020-2023). PIs: Bianchi Méndez and Emilio Nogales.

  • PR87/19-22613: "Metallic oxides for circular and sustainable economy" UCM-Santander project (2019-2020). PI: Paloma Fernández

  • PR65/19-22464: "Characterization of niobium oxide and tantalium oxide thin films for applications in energy storage" UCM-Early researchers project (2020-2022). PI: Belén Sotillo 

  • PR65/19-22335: "Sensors based on semiconducting oxides of low dimensionality" UCM-Early researchers project (2020-2022). PI: Javier Bartolomé

  • PCIN-2017-106: Hybrid materials for Si surface passivation and their applications in batteries., Co-fund. (2017 – 2020) Participants: Insitute for Energy, Kjeller (Noruega), UCM (PI: Ana Cremades), Enwair (Turquía).

  • Project to initiate research collaboration with theTechnical University Dresden (TUD) granted by DFG (2019). TUD and UCM (PI: Bianchi Méndez).

  • 008-ABEL-CM-2013: Sustainable oxide materials and nano-structures for energy related applications. NILS Program (EAA Grants) (2015 – 2016). Participan UCM (IPs: Ana Cremades and Bianchi Méndez) and Institute for Energy, Kjeller (Noruega).

  • Bilateral action Hispano-Portuguesa: Comparative study of different doping processes in semiconductor nanowires (HP-2008- 0071) (2008 – 2009) Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación, Entidades participantes: UCM (PI: Bianchi Méndez) – ITN Portugal.