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We are pleased to announce that our PhD student Marta Asunción Alonso Moreno defended her doctoral dissertation Negritud, sororidad y memoria: poéticas y políticas de la diferencia en la narrativa de Maryse Condé, directed by Mª Dolores Picazo González, on January 25th in the conference hall (Salón de Actos, building A) of the Philology Faculty. The jury was composed by Mª Lourdes Carriedo López (president), Margarita Alfaro Amieiro, Ana Isabel Labra Cenitagoya, Antonia Pagán López (vocals) and Anne-Marie Reboul Díaz (secretary).

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Welcome to the website of the Doctorate in French Studies, DEF-UCM.

The program brings together two major components: theoretical and applied French Linguistics and French and Francophone Literatures, both in their relationship with other related areas. These two research lines can cover, in all its chronological and geographical extension, from its beginnings to the 21st century, in the Hexagon and outside it, all the phenomena related to the French language and culture.


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