Vice-Rector for Studies

Pilar Herreros de Tejada Macua

Vicerrectora de Estudios


Pilar Herreros de Tejada Macua became professor of the Department of Psychobiology at the Complutense University in 1990 and has served as tenured professor of Physiological Psychology since 1994.

After earning her PhD from the Complutense University of Madrid, she worked in Visual Processing Electrophysiology at the University of Oxford and later at the University of Michigan. Currently, she is a member of the joint research project “Evolution and Human Behaviour, Cognitive Neuroscience Section” between Complutense University and the Institute of Health Carlos III.  Her research interests cover the study of human language processing, particularly in the syntactic and semantic processes, and the interconnection between language and other cognitive domains including emotions.

In the field of academic administration, she has served as Vice-Dean for Academic Affairs (2008-2010) and Vice-Dean for Research and Quality (2010-2014) on the Faculty of Psychology. During that period, she was responsible for the implementation of the official undergraduate, master"s and doctoral programmes according to the framework for the European Higher Education Area; the internal quality assurance systems; and the lifelong learning programmes.