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Recognition of Elective Credits for Formative Activities

Request for Credit Recognition for Students


  • What is the Recognition of Elective Credits?

UCM undergraduate students can obtain the Recognition of Elective Credits of their degree for the participation or, if applicable, passing of training activities included in the REGULATIONS.

  • How can I apply for it?

You must submit:


- Certificates accrediting the performance of the activity to be recognized.

Using one of the following procedures:

- spe@ucm.es

- UCM Electronic Headquarters

- UCM Registry Offices

  • How do I obtain the credit recognition certificate?

Once the data has been verified by the Credit Recognition Section and with the approval of the Vice Rectorate of Studies, the certificate will be issued. The student will receive an e-mail to download the credit recognition certificate.

  • How is it included in my transcript?

Once the student has the certificate of credit recognition, he/she should contact the Student Secretary's Office to find out the deadline to register it in order to add it to his/her transcript.


Submission of proposals of training activities for the Recognition of Elective Credits


The requests for proposals of training activities will be sent by the Coordinator/Director of the Activity according to the FORMALIZED MODEL, duly completed, to the Studies Service (Credit Recognition) mail spe@ucm.es for processing, accompanied by a letter signed by the Director of the Department or the person in charge of the body or Institution presenting the proposal, at least ONE month before the beginning of the training activity, for approval by the Studies Commission.

Once approved by the Studies Commission, the approval of the activity and the attached files of Manuals with the instructions to follow for the processing of the minutes and certificates through the File Manager will be communicated by e-mail.

Credit Recognition

Studies service

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