Segismundo Royo Villanova Fernandez-Cavada (1909-1965)


After earning his undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Law at the University of Madrid, Fernandez-Cavada joined the university as Assistant Professor in Administrative Law. In 1935, he obtained the chair of the same discipline in Santiago. However, he applied for unpaid leave and stayed in Madrid, working simultaneously as Professor and Attorney in the Parliament.

In spite of the fact that he was purged and laid off from public service in 1937, he maintained his position in the Faculty of Law after the Civil War. In 1944, he was appointed Registrar of the recently formed Faculty of Economics and Political Science, and from 1945 onward served as Professor of Administrative Law and Administration Sciences.

In 1955, Fernandez-Cavada was appointed Deputy Minister of National Education, and the following year was designated Rector of the University of Madrid.  He remained in this post until 1964.

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