Research Committee

Research Committee

Complutense University"s Statutes (article 169 – Decree 58/2003, 8 May 2003)

The Research Committee is made up of the following members:

President: The Vice Chancellor for Research
Director of the elected Research Support Centre
Director of the elected Research Institute
The Chairs of Faculty Research Committees
Secretary: The responsible for the Research Service

The elected Director of the Research Institute and the Chairs of the Faculty Research Committees are require to have at least two six-year research period or alternatively accreditation of research competencies. The Secretary will have a voice but not a vote.

The Research Committee is responsible for the following duties:

  • To counsel the research bodies to design university research programmes according to the science policy developed by the university.

  • To submit the proposal of research budget allocation, research grant proposals and applications for research group’s accreditations.

  • To perform any further duties or to exercise any further powers laid down for it in any current regulation or delegated by The Council.

The Commission shall be informed of the research work of all the faculties and the research groups annually.