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Research Committee

UCM Research Committee

(Article 171 of the Statutes of the Complutense University of Madrid)

1. The Research Committee is made up of the Vice-Rector responsible for research, who presides over: a Director of the Centre for Research Assistance, chosen by the Executive Committee; a Director of the University Institute of Research, chosen by all the Directors of the Institute in a process coordinated by the Rector or a person the Rector delegates to, and the Chairman of the Research Commission of each Centre. The Vice-Rector will act as Secretary of the Committee, without voting rights, and head of the Research Service. 

The Director of the Institute and the Chairmen of the Research Committees of the Centres must have two six-year periods of research at least or, if not, proven research expertise.

2. The role of the University Research Committee will be:

a) Assessment of the bodies with research competences in the design of UCM’s own Research Programmes and to see how closely it resembles, directly or indirectly, the science policy created by the University.
b) The distribution proposal of the University’s own research budget.
c) The proposal of grants and research assistance.
d) The accreditation proposal of the University’s Research Groups.
j) Any other function that the current regulations or the Governing Council assign to them.

3. The Committee should be annually informed of the research work of all teachers and Research Groups through the procedures that are in place.


Current Composition

Vice-Rector of Science Policy, Research and Doctorate Degrees:  
Vice-Rector (Chairman) Ignacio Lizasoian Hernández
Head of the Research Service (Secretary) María Eugenia Mañas Arteche
Fine Arts Isabel García Fernández
Biological Science Cristina Sánchez García
Library Science Antonio Carpallo Bautista
Media & Communication Science Joaquín Sánchez Herrera
Economic and Business Administration Francisco Javier André García
Physical Science David Montes Gutiérrez
Geological Science María Nieves Meléndez Hevia
Mathematical Science Eva Antonia Gallardo Gutiérrez
Political and Social Science Leticia María Ruíz Rodríguez
Chemical Science María Teresa Villalba Díaz
Commerce and Tourism María García Hernández
Law Faustino José Martínez Martínez
Education Roberto Cremades Andreu
Nursing, Physiotherapy and Podiatry María Ángeles Atín Arratibel
Statistical Studies María Concepción Latorre Muñoz
Pharmacy María Pilar Gómez-Serranillos Cuadrado
Language Studies Ana Isabel Jiménnez San Cristóbal
Philosophy Ricardo Parellada Redondo
Geography and History Susana Calvo Capilla
Computer Science and Engineering Daniel Chaver Martínez

José Ramón Regueiro González-Barros

Dentistry Alejandro Iglesias Linares
Optics and Optometry Beatriz Antona Peñalba
Psychology Luis Enrique López Bascuas
Social Work Virginia Jiménez Rodríguez
Veterinary Medicine María Teresa Gómez Muñoz
University Institutes:  
Representatative José Antonio Sotelo Navalpotro
Research Assistance Centres:  
Representative María Concepción Gil García
Board of Teaching and Research Staff:
Invitado Miguel Ángel Casermeiro Martínez
Invitado Antonio Liras Martín
Comité de Empresa:  
Guest María Dolores Lois Barrio
Guest Jesús Palá Paúl
Guest Jesús Escribano Martínez
UCM Research Platform:  
Guest Francisco Monroy Muñoz