Vice-Rector for Science Policy, Research and Doctorate Degrees

Ignacio Lizasoain Hernández

Vicerrector de Política Científica, Investigación y Doctorado


Ignacio Lizasoain is currently Full Professor in the Department of Pharmacology at the School of Medicine of Universidad Complutense in Madrid (Spain). Ignacio Lizasoain graduated from Complutense Medical School in 1986, obtained his Medical Doctor in 1986 and his PhD in Medicine in 1992 (Extraordinary prize). He had positions such as Fellow (FPI and Marie Curie), Aggregate, Lecturer, Associate and, since 2007, as Full Professor. As a postdoctoral, he worked in Wellcome Foundation LTD (Beckenham, UK) with Prof. Salvador Moncada from 1991 to 1994 and in Massachusetts General Hospital (Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA) with Prof. Eng H Lo in 2010. He was External Examiner of the Trinity College of Dublin (School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Dublin, Ireland) from 2008 to 2010.

He has participated in several funded grants, from both public and private sources. As principal investigator, he has led 3 international grants, as a whole or as partner coordinator (Human Capital and Mobility programme; NATO Science Programme; National Institutes of Health. USA), more than 15 national grants funded by the Spanish “Plan Nacional de I+D+I” (FIS, SAF, Net research programmes), more than 10 by other public agencies (Madrid Regional Government, etc.) and several by private companies. He has published extensively in the area of neuroscience and neurological sciences especially in the neurovascular research field (stroke). His scientific production includes more than 155 JCR papers with 8.000-11.000 total citations and “h-index” of 50/58 (Scopus/Google scholar, December-2016). The complete list of publications can be found at Scopus and Orcid (nº 0000-0002-6028-7379). He is co-editor of 6 books, co-author of more than 60 chapters of books, co-inventor of 3 patents and co-director of 16 PhD Thesis.

Ignacio Lizasoain was Head of Department Pharmacology at Complutense Medical School (2006-2010), Academic Secretary of Department Pharmacology (2010-2015), Coordinator Campus of Excellence Moncloa (2010) and Co-Coordinator Cluster i-Health Campus Excellence Moncloa. (2009- ). Actually, he is Vice-Provost of Research and Doctoral Studies at Complutense University. Finally, Ignacio Lizasoain is the Co-Coordinator of the Neurovascular Research Unit at Complutense Medical School.