Rafael Conde Luque (1835-1922)

He completed his Theology and law studies with a specialization in Private International Law at University of Sevilla. He became Professor of Private and Public International Law. Conde Luque consolidated his career with the chair of International Law at University of Madrid.

Conde Luque became a member of the Institute of Social Reforms and shareholder in the Free Learning Institution "Institución Libre de Enseñanza" in its early stages. He also held various positions including Deputy of the Congress, Senator, where he served several terms in office, General Manager and Member of the Board of the Public Instruction Institution, etc. Conde served as Rector from 1903 to 1913.

In 1918, the title of Count of Leyva was conferred on him by Alfonso XIII


Rafael Conde Luque"s Literary Works (UCM Library)

From the Spanish American War (1898) to the Spanish Civil War (1936-39) 

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