• Español

Language Requirements


Most of the classes at our university are taught in Spanish, so an adequate knowledge of the Spanish language is required. A basic knowledge of the Spanish language is needed for Erasmus incoming students, as it will facilitate their daily life, both inside and outside the university (administration, use of facilities, etc.). The UCM are not responsible for any problems that the lack of knowledge of Spanish may cause.

  • The minimum level required is B1 (according to the CEFR), but each faculty/center has specific requirements. For Master and PhD programs it is highly recommended to have a C1 level in Spanish, as we cannot guarantee any course or research in other languages.
  • The free Spanish course offered by UCM is not considered a method to certify or justify knowledge in the Spanish language.
    Even if the possibility of studying subjects in English is offered, it is mandatory to present some proof that certifies a basic knowledge of the Spanish language.
  • No alternative documents to those listed below will be accepted.

You must prove your language proficiency in the online application. The language certificates required by the faculties of UCM  are the following:


UCM offers a FREE Spanish Language Course for levels under C1 to students who apply for it.


  1. The student must apply for the Spanish Language Course by checking the corresponding box in the Application Form.
  2. Students who have applied for the course, must take a compulsory level test that will be held at UCM aproximately the first week of September (for 1st semester/Full year students) and around the first week February for 2nd semester students. The exact date and place will be provided well in advance to each student by e-mail. Please, bear this course in mind for accommodation arrangements.
  3. The intensive language course will be developed along the month of September (for first semester or full year students) and February (for second semester students). This course is previous to the beginning of the Year/Semester. As mentioned above, this free course will be offered for levels under B-2 (B-2 included).

Students whose level is C-1 or C-2 do not have the option to attend the FREE Spanish courses. However, other courses at a special price for Erasmus students are available.