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José Giral Pereira (1879-1962)

José Giral Pereira (1879-1962)


He graduated from the University of Madrid with a Bachelor’s in Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences and he earned his doctoral degree in Chemical physics in 1905. This same year he accepted a position as Professor of Organic Chemistry at the University of Salamanca, a position he would hold until 1920.

With increasing political interest, he moved to Madrid in 1920. He set up a centrally located pharmacy and was appointed Director of the Chemistry Department of the Spanish Oceanography Institute. He served in this post until 1927, when he accepted a position as Professor of Biological Chemistry in the Faculty of Pharmacy of Madrid.

He was appointed as Rector after the proclamation of Second Spanish Republic.

Dr. Giral was Minister of the Navy in the Republican Cabinet and he reached the peak of his political career serving as Prime Minister in the first days of the Civil War.  He also played an important role in the Republic Administration established in Mexico while he was living there in exile. 


José Giral Pereira's literary works in the UCM Library

José Giral Pereira's writings in the UCM Libary

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