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José Gaos y González de Pola (1900-1969)


After completing his Bachellor's degree (1923) and doctoral degree (1928), both in Philosophy at the University of Madrid, his teaching career began in Valencia (1925-1928). Later, he served as a Teacher of secondary school in León (1928-1930), as a Professor of Logic in the University of Zaragoza (1930-1933) and finally, as a Professor of Philosophy in the University of Madrid (from 1933).

During the civil war, he held the position of Rector between 1936 and 1939. After the war, he lived in exile in Mexico serving in "Universidad Nacional de Mexico" and "Colegio de Mexico"



José Gaos' Literary Works in UCM Library

José Gaos' writings in UCM Library

From the Spanish American War to the Spanish Civil War 




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