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Francisco Fernández y González (1833-1917)

After earning his bachelor's degree in Philosophy and Literature from the University of Madrid, Fernández joined the Faculty as a temporary Lecturer in Critical and Philosophical History of Spain, and  Greek Studies. In 1855, he was offered a permanent position as a Professor in an institute in Teruel, but he accepted the chair of Literature at the University of Granada instead.

Fernández Gonzalez taught Greek, Arab and Classic Literature until 1864, when he moved to the Central University of Madrid. As a scholar, Fernández focused on the translation of Arabic-Spanish literary works, and the development of historical studies of Muslim Spain and Medieval Christian Poetry. As Professor of History (1866) and Arts (1881), Fernández combined his teaching and research profession with an active administrative and political career: Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy; Member of the Senate, where he served in several offices; and Rector of the Central University from 1895 to 1903.


Francisco Fernández y González's Writings (UCM Library)

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