Elías Tormo y Monzó (1869-1957)

Elías Tormo y Monzó (1869-1957)

Graduated from the University of Valencia with bachelor"s degrees in Law and Philology, he also earned his doctoral degrees in both disciplines from "La Universidad Central de Madrid" in 1980. 

He served as Professor of Natural Law in Santiago (1897) and later as Professor of "Theory of Literature and Arts" which would eventually turn into "History of Arts" in Salamanca, Granada and Madrid (1904)

He had a conservative ideology and held leadership positions as Deputy of the Congress and Senator and membership in the National Assembly. He also served in leadership roles at the university until he finally became Rector from 1929 to 1930. After this experience, he was appointed Minister of Public Instruction from 1930 to 1931. 

As a Professor of History and Arts and a member of the Governing Board of The Prado Museum, he was connected to the Centre for Historical Studies. Together with Manuel Gomez-Moreno, he contributed to consolidate "History of Arts" as an academic discipline.


Elías Tormo y Monzó"s Literary Works in the UCM Library

Elías Tormo y Monzó"s Writings in the UCM Library

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