Degrees in English

Degree in English Studies

The degree is designed for students who, in principle, are not native English speakers. The starting level for the first year, in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, is B1.3 (Introduction to B2), meaning that the student is expected to be at about a B2 level at the end of the year. Therefore, students with a lower level are advised to take catch-up courses. These can be done at the Centro Superior de Idiomas Modernos, department of modern languages at the UCM. The level that should be achieved by the fourth year of the degree is C2 (also in accordance with the CEFR).

All subjects in the English Studies Degree are taught in English. For specialised subjects in the first year the recommended level is B2 (initiation). The other basic subjects in the first year are taught in Spanish (except the second foreign language I and II - see the corresponding degree). For these subjects the minimum level recommended is C1 in Spanish in the four skills, although students with a "consolidated" level of B2 in all the skills will be accepted in exceptional cases.

Subjects in the second year of the English Studies Degree will require a minimum level of "consolidated" B2 in English for all compulsory subjects, and the same level for optional ones, although C1 is preferred. Finally, a "consolidated" C1 is recommended for all subjects in the third year, and C2 is preferred for the fourth year of the degree, as well as for the more highly specialised optional subjects. The option of Translation and Contrastive Linguistics: English-Spanish is a special case and requires a level of C1 in both English and Spanish.

These required levels must be certified by officially recognised certificates (IELTS, FCE, CAE, etc.) or by the university of origin. If the language certificates are not in Spanish or English they must be translated into one of these languages.

Master in English Linguistics: New Applications and International Communication. Required level: C1 in English.

Master in North American Studies. Required level: C1 in English.

Doctorate in English Linguistics. Required level: C1 in English.

Note: These requirements have been approved by the English Philology I and English Philology II department councils. These departments will regularly review their language requirements for Erasmus and visiting students.