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Is there an Eramus office at my faculty?

Yes, there is an Erasmus office in all faculties. In the following link you may find the emails and contact numbers of all the Erasmus Offices.

What documents do I have to take to the Erasmus office?

You have to take your Learning Agreement and your arrival and departure certificate if applicable.

Where can I find information about the courses of my faculty?

You have to contact the Erasmus office of your faculty for further information.

What’s a Learnig Agreement?

It is the contract which includes the details of proposed study of the student at the UCM:

Do I have to fill out the Learning Agreement of the UCM or the one of my University?

You can do either the UCM’s or the one of your University.

What is the “matrícula”?

Once we have approved your learning agreement, the “matrícula” is the document that should be taken to the Erasmus Office of your faculty that specifies which courses you will be officially studying.

Where can I find a matrícula form?

We will give all the students a matricula form on the Welcome day, but you could also get one in your Erasmus office or at the Central International Relations Office.

How can I do the “matrícula”?

Please read the previous question. We will also explain it on the Welcome day.

Equivalences between UCM credits and ECTS are?

A UCM credit is 10 hrs of classes. For further information, please contact the Erasmus coordinator your faculty in the UCM.

Students will be awarded ECTS credits when they have passed the assessments corresponding to the courses to which ECTS credits are allocated. 

At UCM, the minimum curriculum for full-time students is 30 ECTS credits for one semester and 60 ECTS credits for two semesters

When do classes start and when do they finish?

The course normally starts the last week of September or the first week of October. And the academic year ends July 15th.

Please check with the Faculty Erasmus Office for exact dates, deserve special attention for Master studies dates/requisites.

Can I choose any course from the faculty I’ve been nominated?

For more information regarding courses please contact the Erasmus office from your faculty.

Am I able to study other courses outside my faculty?

Only the students that are nominated in the UCM faculties will be able to study TWO syllabi outside their faculty (Either 2 full course subjects or 2 subjects in the first semester &  2 subjects in the second semester ). However, these courses have to be from the SAME faculty different than the nominated one, i.e., a student nominated to the Chemistry Faculty, and the student wants to study two courses in the faculty of Biology.

NOTE: Students nominated to C.U. Villanueva, C.U. Estudios Financieros (CUNEF),Cardenal Cisneros, ESCUNI, Don Bosco, IEB cannot study outside their nominated faculty, therefore, they may NOT study course in the UCM faculties.

Can I study other languages in the UCM?

Yes, the UCM has "Idiomas Complutense" visit their website  for further information. These courses are not eligible for the Learning Agreement since they don't award ECTS credits.

Are there any courses held in English?

In our University, we have courses in English please check the following link. For further questions please contact us erasmus1@ucm.es.

Can I extend my Studies at the UCM?

Yes, first we need the authorization from your Erasmus coordinator at your home University and the authorization from the Erasmus Office at the UCM. Afterwards, we need your Erasmus coordinator at your home university to email us at erasmus1@ucm.es.

Can I study courses that belong to a master’s degree?

Please contact your Erasmus Office at the UCM for further details.

When will I receive my transcript of records?

Once the semester or the academic year ends, the Erasmus Office of the UCM will send your transcript of records to your Erasmus coordinator at your home University.