Frequently Asked Questions

The Application

¿Does my University have a bilateral agreement with the UCM?

Click on the following link to check if there’s a bilateral agreement between the UCM and your University: 


 Nevertheless, it’s important to check with your home Institution Erasmus Coordinator or International Office. 

 I want to be an Erasmus student, what should I do?


Incoming Students

 When is the application open and when is the deadline to apply online?

  • The students who are nominated for the whole academic year or the first semester will have to apply starting Winter Semester/Full Year: April 3rd to May 30th 
    •  Deadline for Philology students is: April 3rd to May  15th

  • For those students that are nominated to come for the second semester then they will have to apply starting October 15th and will end November 30th.
    •  However, the students applying to the Faculty of Medicine in the second semester will have to contact directly with the Erasmus Office of Medicine to confirm the deadline.

 To whom may I write to ask questions about my application?

You may contact us at / 

 There has been a mistake in my online application; do I have to do one again?

No, there’s no need to do it again, you may email us to inform us about the error.

 In the application form says: Erasmus Code ¿What is this?

 All Universities have a code that helps us know from which university you come from. You have to ask your coordinator for this Erasmus Code or at your Central International Office. Example: E Madrid03

 Which documents do I have to send to your University?

You have to send us: your Application form, your learning agreement and a copy of your transcript of records 

 I’m no sure how to fill in my “Transcript of Records”

A transcript of records refers to a copy of the student’s academic record with the courses and grades received at your home university.

 How can/should I send the documents? (by email,post)

Documents are uploaded directly into the on-line application

 How can I know if I’ve been accepted in the UCM?

You will receive an acceptance email from our Institution confirming you the faculty you have been accepted at and also  your Erasmus number. This e-mail will be sent upon reception of the full application + documents.

 What should I do if I need an official letter of acceptance for a student visa?

You have to contact our office,  or

 What should I do after completing my online application and having sent?

After having sent everything, you just have to wait until you receive our email confirming your acceptance at UCM.

 What is my Erasmus Number?

It is a registration number that identifies you in the UCM. (ERAS-XXXXXXXX)

 What Spanish level is needed for your University?


 Do I need a document to certify my Spanish level?

Certificates are only requested for :

Geography and History Faculty: B1

Communication Sciences, Journalism Faculty: B1

Philology Faculty please check: 

 Where can I receive information about the Spanish course?


 How much does the Spanish course cost?

The Spanish course is free for students that have marked it in the application form.

 What happens if I cannot attend the Spanish level test?

The Spanish level test is mandatory; if you cannot attend the test then you cannot do the Spanish course. In some cases that can be justified we may exceptionally allow to do the Spanish course, but for more information about this please contact 

Is there a Spanish course in February?

There is a Spanish Language course in February for 2nd semester students.