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Dr. María Vallet Regí, Gold Carracido Medal of the RANF

April 2022

19 abr 2022 - 10:17 CET

The Gold Carracido Medal of the Royal National Academy of Pharmacy, its highest distinction, was created to reward exceptional services to Pharmacy and approved by Order of the Ministry of National Education on 21 April 1945. Its number has been limited since the modification introduced by the Ministerial Order of 9 July 1959, together with the medal, a diploma is awarded, certified by the Academic Secretary, which is recorded in a specific "Book of Honour" for the registration of this award.
In its gold category, the distinction was awarded to Mr José Ibáñez Martín (1952), Mr Carlos Rodríguez López-Neyra (1955), Mr Toribio Zúñiga y Sánchez Cerrudo (1970), Mr Manuel Lora Tamayo (1979), Mr Manuel Ortega Mata (1992), Mr Ángel Santos Ruiz (2005), Mr Eduardo Rodríguez López-Neyra (1955), Mr Eduardo Santos Ruiz (2005), Mr Eduardo Rodríguez López-Neyra (2005), Mr Manuel Ortega Mata (2005), Mr Manuel Ortega Mata (1992) and Mr Ángel Santos Ruiz (2005). Ángel Santos Ruiz (2005), Eduardo Rodríguez Rovira (2005), Caja Madrid (2006), Antonio Doadrio López (2010), Juan Manuel Reol Tejada (2010), Raúl Guerra Garrido (2011), Juan Uriach Marsal (2014), María Cascales Angosto (2017), Mariano Esteban Rodríguez (2019) and María Teresa Miras Portugal (2021). In addition to H.M. Juan Carlos I, who holds a special gold medal (2005).
The Royal National Academy of Pharmacy met in an extraordinary General Meeting, convened for this purpose on 29 March 2022, at 18:00, and as the only item on the agenda, the granting of this distinction to Her Excellency Ms. María Vallet Regí was discussed, which was approved, after a secret ballot, unanimously.


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