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Euromat 2021

September 2021

13 sep 2021 - 08:18 CET

Prof. María Vallet-Regí and Dr. Antonio Salinas co-organizers of the F1 Symposium "Bioceramics and Bioglasses".

Dr. Antonio Salinas and María Vallet-Regí Chair sessions F.1.3  and F.1.4 September 13-14 

Dr. Isabel Izquierdo, Dr. Antonio Salinas and Dr. Miguel Manzano participated in the EUROMAT 2021. EUROPEAN CONGRESS AND EXHIBITION ON ADVANCED MATERIALS AND PROCESSES. September 13-17, 2021.

- New approaches in infection management based on mesostructured material.  Keynote

- New Bone Formation and Osteoporosis Remission with Nanoparticles. Oral.

- Multifunctional copper-containing mesoporous silica nanoparticles as antibacterial and angiogenic agents.  Oral.

- Mesoporous glass nanoparticles doped with ZnO and loaded with Curcumin to regenerate bone and treat infection. Oral.

Osteoinductive potential of a biomaterial enriched with osteostatin and autologous mesenchymal cells in osteoporotic rabbits. Oral.

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