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Presentación del Grupo tGIS

The Research Group Transport, Infrastructure and Territory – tGIS was established in 2005 joining the interests of researchers in transport geography and economics, mainly ,from Universidad Complutense Madrid (UCM). The group gained strength with the incorporation of researchers from related disciplines like urbanism and civil engineering.  In 2012 the group joined TRANSyT, the Transport Research Centre at Universidad Politécnica of Madrid, which favours further collaboration in research projects, knowledge transfer and networking opportunities.   

The group has a broad experience in the study of metropolitan processes from the point of view of transport and mobility and their relations with the territory and urban economy. Moreover, the team accumulates a wealth of experience and expertise in quantitative techniques and in GIS analysis applied to the study of metropolitan areas in the European framework. During the last years, the group has launched a new research line related to the use of Big Data in the fields of mobility, transport and urban dynamics. 

More specifically, members of the group have developed their research activity in five major research areas:

  • Network and accessibility analysis, developing and implementing accessibility indicators in the environment of GIS to evaluate Master Plans and actions in transport networks.
  • Public investments and spillover effects in shaping metropolitan peripheries
  • Mobility and its relations with regions, with a focus on European metropolitan areas
  • Urban sprawl, economic activities and territorial development in the metropolitan urban fringe
  • Transport economics, especially in the areas of road transport, and air transport liberalization
  • Big Data in the fields of mobility, transport and urban dynamics


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