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Nuevo capítulo de libro: Mobility, Congestion, and Big Data

Borja Moya-Gómez, Juan Carlos García-Palomares y Javier Gutiérrez firman este capítulo de la editorial Springer

14 jun 2023 - 12:59 CET


Traffic congestion is one of the main problems facing mobility in contemporary metropolises. Transport managers need reliable geolocated data with a high temporal resolution to address traffic congestion and formulate solutions that help mitigate it. Unfortunately, traditionally there has been little data available regarding traffic congestion. This situation has changed radically with the emergence of Big Data. Millions of sensors and devices produce vast amounts of traffic congestion data, constituting excellent raw material for transport managers and planners. This chapter demonstrates the importance of traffic congestion in large cities, both to citizens and companies; It explains how traffic congestion arises and how it spreads; it clarifies how massive data sets are produced that measure traffic congestion via sensors and devices; it reviews the main Big Data sources available to analyze congestion, highlighting their advantages and disadvantages; and it shows some examples of what massive traffic data sources can contribute to improving knowledge on traffic congestion and its effects on cities. The main conclusion is that Big Data sources on congestion today are an indispensable tool for transport researchers and authorities.

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