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El integrante de tGIS, Aitor Salas Peña, ha publicado su modelo de autómatas desarrollado en su tesis doctoral

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24 oct 2022 - 09:03 CET


A road freight transport (RFT) operation involves the participation of several types of companies in its execution. The TRANSOPE model simulates the subcontracting process between 3 types of companies: Freight Forwarders (FF), Transport Companies (TC) and self-employed carriers (CA). These companies (agents) form transport outsourcing chains (TOCs) by making decisions based on supplier selection criteria and transaction acceptance criteria. Through their participation in TOCs, companies are able to learn and exchange information, so that knowledge becomes another important factor in new collaborations. The model can replicate multiple subcontracting situations at a local and regional geographic level.
The succession of n operations over d days provides two types of results: 1) Social Complex Networks, and 2) Spatial knowledge accumulation environments. The combination of these results is used to identify the emergence of new logistics clusters. The types of actors involved as well as the variables and parameters used have their justification in a survey of transport experts and in the existing literature on the subject.
As a result of a preferential selection process, the distribution of activity among agents shows to be highly uneven. The cumulative network resulting from the self-organisation of the system suggests a structure similar to scale-free networks (Albert & Barabási, 2001). In this sense, new agents join the network according to the needs of the market. Similarly, the network of preferential relationships persists over time. Here, knowledge transfer plays a key role in the assignment of central connector roles, whose participation in the outsourcing network is even more decisive in situations of scarcity of transport contracts.

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Aitor Salas-Peña, Blanca Rosa Cases Gutiérrez (2022, October 21). “TRANSOPE: a multi-agent model to simulate outsourcing networks in road freight transport.” (Version 1.0.0). CoMSES Computational Model Library. Retrieved from:

El integrante de tGIS, Aitor Salas Peña, ha publicado su modelo de autómatas desarrollado en su tesis doctoral - 1

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