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Nuevo Capítulo de Libro: Road Transportation and Territorial Scale

Ana M.Condeço-Melhorado parte del equipo de TGIS firma este artículo de la International Encyclopedia of Transportation

26 may 2021 - 15:39 CET

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Road transport investments have traditionally been assessed using cost-benefit analysis (CBA). However, the scientific literature shows that CBA has important limitations and does not capture all of the positive and negative impacts of road projects. A more comprehensive model could include territorial impacts such as those described further. Changes in territorial accessibility are a direct consequence of road network improvements, due to a decrease of transport costs and improved access to social and economic activities. This will make places more attractive to new residents and business owners, lead to changes in land-use distribution and territorial cohesion, and increase or decrease disparities between countries or regions. Furthermore, the impact on network vulnerability and spillover effects will also be presented.

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