Proyectos de Investigación


Identification and prediction of systemic shocks. Analysis of the macroeconomic determinants of financial risks and their cross-cutting implications 


Research project financed by the Research Grants Program in Macroeconomics, Monetary Economy, financial and banking and economics and Economic History - Banco de España.



  • Alfonso Novales Cinca, Professor, Department of Economic Analysis, Universidad Complutense, Madrid
  • Gonzalo Rubio Irigoyen, Professor, CEU Cardenal Herrera, Alicante.


Main Objectives:

Improve the procedures for identifying systemic shocks, as well as the methods for estimating and assessing the consequences of these shocks on the financial sector and on the real economy as a whole. 

  • Improve the techniques to quantify the credit risk of financial institutions, and analyze the transmission of such risk in the banking sector. 
  • Study the macroeconomic determinants of the betas of financial assets, their consequences on the expected returns of them in cross section, and analyze their relationship with the capital structure of industrial and financial companies.

Programme of Excellence in Education and Research