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SIIM is UCM Research Group of Excellence. Its Mission/Values are:
  • The study of artistic forms as metacognitive tools
  • Strategic Storytelling and Creative Writing for Social Innovation (i.e. empowerment of marginal groups)
  • International Cooperation and Intercultural Mediation.
  • Sociological impact of World Literature(s)
  • Research on multimodal social semiotics and intersubjective cognition
  • Intermedial studies, translation, re-mediation, adaptation
  • Research on cross-cultural aspects attached to Social Sciences and Humanities
  • Teaching Innovation (i.e. practice in academic publishing) 

SIIM at Marie Curie Alumni Association 2017 (Book of abstracts, page 70)

 Estudios sobre Intermedialidad y Mediacion Intercultural (español)     ISSN 2340-650X 

SIIM has received funding from a number of national and international organization such as: