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SIIM is UCM Research Group of Excellence. Its Mission/Values are:
  • The study of artistic forms as metacognitive tools
  • Strategic Storytelling and Creative Writing for Social Innovation (i.e. empowerment of marginal groups)
  • International Cooperation and Intercultural Mediation.
  • Sociological impact of World Literature(s)
  • Research on multimodal social semiotics and intersubjective cognition
  • Intermedial studies, translation, re-mediation, adaptation
  • Research on cross-cultural aspects attached to Social Sciences and Humanities
  • Teaching Innovation (i.e. practice in academic publishing) 

SIIM is member of the Spanish Network for the use of videogames in Science, Research and Innovation

SIIM at Marie Curie Alumni Association 2017 (Book of abstracts, page 70)

 Estudios sobre Intermedialidad y Mediacion Intercultural (español)     ISSN 2340-650X 

SIIM has received support from: