Proyectos de Investigación


My current position is Profesor Titular de Universidad at the Faculty of Psychology (Complutense University of Madrid, Spain).

I usually teach the following courses:

  1. Psychology of Perception. Theory and practical classes: 190 hours/year. Number of students: 180/year second year Psychology students. Tutoring: 6 hours/week.
  2. Aspectos biopsicosociales del Envejecimiento (Máster de Psicogerontología).

In previous years I have also taught:

  1. Signal Analysis with applications to vision and audition. Theory and practical classes: 50 hours/year. Topics: Fourier analysis, linear systems, image processing, edge detection, sound processing, etc. Number of students: 20/year fifth year Psychology students. Tutoring: 6 hours/week. This course is included in the specialty area of Experimental Psychology. In the practical classes of this course I teach MATLAB programing.

Practices of Perception

Psicología de la percepción. Prácticas

The book of practices that we use in Perception can be found here.