Proyectos de Investigación


1. Two monitors CRT Eizo: 17” Flexscan T565  and 19” Flexscan T765.

2. Two monitors CRT ViewSonic G90fB 17” PerfectFlat.

3. Two screens LG D2342 (3D) for stereoscopic presentation.

4. Projector depthQ 360 (Cambridge Research Systems, UK).  (360 Hz framerate), used in motion perception studies.

5. Computer Mac Pro 3.7 GHz Quad Core Intel Xeon E5 (graphics card AMD FirePro D300 2048 MB).

6.  Bits ++ (Cambridge Research Systems).

7. DataPixx Lite (VPixx Technologies Inc., Montreal, Canada,

8. Chin rest UHCOTech HeadSpot (Houston, TX).

9. Photometer Minolta LS-110 (Konica Minolta Optics, Inc., Osaka, Japan).

10. Two oscilloscopes Tektronix.

11. Two ResponsePixx Handheld (VPixx Technologies Inc., Montreal, Canada,

12. Stereoscopic tests: Frisby and Randot stereo test.

13. Spatial acuity test: ETDRS 2000 series visual acuity chart.

14. Retroprojection screen: Stewart Luxus Screen Wall Snapper. Material: Aeroview 70 - Rear projection seamless.

15. Retroprojection screen: Stewart FilmScreen 150 for passive 3D applications.

16. Projector PROPixx (1440 Hz) and 3D polarizing filter DepthQ.