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Market Analysis

There are two lines of work that are developed:

The first of them deals with analysis of expanding markets for companies in the field of defense at both national and international level. The objective is to find niches for the application of new products that are useful in the field of defense and security, as well as dual-use technologies. The study is based on possibilities, competitors and business penetration policies. In short, it is about developing economic and industrial intelligence.

In the second line, advisory services are given to foreign governments regarding the promotion policies of their defense industry, internal organization and management from the Ministries of Defense.

How does it work

The operation is simple and is based on the ability to explore business strengths and weaknesses, business opportunities and adequate management of the company's assets. With regard to the part of governments, the basis is the spending capacity and management of the same, analysis of changes in the management of the defense ministries in order to improve processes and internal and external relations.


The advantages are obvious, since, for the business side, it is about obtaining a better position in the military market and taking advantage of internal and environmental advantages. Regarding the part of governments, they are basically management savings and costs to the public sector.

Where has it been developed?

The lines of work are part of the Department of Applied Economics, Structure and History.

And also

There is experience with various companies and with the Spanish Ministry of Defense, as well as armed forces from other countries, mainly Latin American.



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