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Communication and Image

Communication and Image

Analysis of Communication and Image (advertising, media and organizations). Planning of institutional and corporate communication strategies. The projects focus on the study of corporate communication and its impact on the communication market (advertising, media, etc.), brand management and its presence in the management of values (Reputation, CSR, ethical management, etc.). Studies derived from communication between companies and organizations.

How does it work

On-demand analyzes are requested by companies and organizations, as well as participation in numerous national and international funded projects. This set of relationships allows the access and management of information regarding the topics and issues that most interest university researchers in their relationship with companies and institutions. The UCM research group led by Dr. Juan Benavides Delgado is responsible for strengthening these relationships with the Communication Forum Association that has created two years ago, through the enhancement of Research Projects (Article 83, R & D, etc...)


Audiovisual communication

Audiovisual communication

Researches that allow companies and public institutions to know their situation in the market and establish an adequate prospect for their communication are planned. Analyzes of the communicative styles, image and contents of the messages (produced and issued) are also carried out, also taking into account the reception contexts and interactive areas.

Companies that have collaborated and collaborate with this research group have been favored by the work done and the great value and cost. On the other hand, and thanks to the Communication Forum Association has achieved permanent collaborations with Professional Associations in the communication sector.

Where has it been developed

The Research group forms part of the Faculty of Information Sciences of the UCM in the Department of Audiovisual Communication and Advertising I. Likewise, contacts have been made with European and Latin American researchers in order to join efforts in the meaning of research in the context of globalization. On the other hand, the Association Communication Forum has made it possible to carry out, in direct contact with numerous companies, diverse and investigations, published today, in addition to a significant number of projects currently underway.

And also

The research group is in a position to:

• Adapt the service to the specific needs of the client.
• Conduct technical feasibility studies.
• Design communication programs.
• Advise on communication strategies and styles.
• Help the company implement a Corporate Social Responsibility program.
• Management of intangibles (reputational risks, reputation and ethics in management, etc.)



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Responsible Researcher

Juan Benavides Delgado: juanbenavides@ccinf.ucm.es

Department: Audiovisual Communication and Advertising I
Faculty: Information Sciences