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Women Writers in History-DARIAH-WG

The underrepresentation of women in cultural historiography has been challenged since the 1970s by a number of feminist responses in the form of supplementary female canons. Women Writers in History takes this task a step further, and investigates historical sources until 1930 to find out whether female authors were read in the past. Evidence of readership, translations and commentary is contained in a database, which serves as a collaborative research tool for the working group. Its latest incarnation is a virtual research environment (VRE) named New approaches to European Women’s Writing (NEWW). The group also runs a BRILL book series and pursues methods of incorporating this new knowledge at the different levels of education through regional groups. Further concerns consist in finding openings for outreach and for funded, future research projects.




NEWW DARIAH WG Call for Webinar Presentations in 2024

Solicitamos contribuciones de estudiantes de máster, doctorandos, e  investigadores todos en forma de presentación en  weminars, primero,  y como publicación , después, en la colección de Brill Women Writers in History, después de la necesaria revisión por pares.

Queremos favorecer las presentaciones en todas las lenguas, de manera que el inglés pueda ser lingua franca, pero no lingua unica, por lo que buscaremos fórmulas  con algún tipo de traducción

Las personas interesadas pueden ponerse en contacto con Amelia Sanz (  o con  Katja Mihurko (

El documento de presentación lo pueden descargar AQUÍ