Institutos Universitarios

Year 2018

ID Authors Title Year Journal Volume Issue Art. No. Page start Page end DOI
2018-001 Atar L., Paschalis S., Barbieri C., Bertulani C.A., Holl M., et al. Quasifree (p, 2p) Reactions on Oxygen Isotopes: Observation of Isospin Independence of the Reduced Single-Particle Strength 2018 Physical Review Letters 120 5 052501     DOI
2018-002 Díaz Fernández P., Alvarez-Pol H., Crespo R., Cravo E., Deltuva A., et al. Quasifree (p,pN) scattering of light neutron-rich nuclei near N=14 2018 Physical Review C 97 2 024311     DOI
2018-003 Bucher B., MacH H., Aprahamian A., Robledo L.M., Rissanen J., et al. New insights into triaxiality and shape coexistence from odd-mass Rh 109 2018 Physical Review C 98 6 064320     DOI
2018-004 González-Jiménez R. Theory of neutrino pion production: Kinematics and cross section 2018 Proceedings of Science 341   086     DOI
2018-005 Nicola A.G., De Elvira J.R., Vioque-Rodríguez A., Ferreres-Solé S. Chiral and U(1)A restoration: Ward identities and effective theories 2018 Proceedings of Science 336   153     DOI
2018-006 Price-Whelan A.M., Sipõcz B.M., Günther H.M., Lim P.L., Conseil S., et al. The Astropy Project: Building an Open-science Project and Status of the v2.0 Core Package 2018 Astronomical Journal 156 3 123     DOI
2018-007 Baldi R.D., Williams D.R.A., McHardy I.M., Beswick R.J., Dullo B.T., et al. LeMMINGs - I. The eMERLIN legacy survey of nearby galaxies. 1.5-GHz parsec-scale radio structures and cores 2018 Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 476 3   3478 3522 DOI
2018-008 Bouquin A.Y.K., Gil De Paz A., Muñoz-Mateos J.C., Boissier S., Zaritsky D., et al. The GALEX/S4G Surface Brightness and Color Profiles Catalog. I. Surface Photometry and Color Gradients of Galaxies 2018 Astrophysical Journal, Supplement Series 234 2 18     DOI
2018-009 Ges X., Bará S., García-Gil M., Zamorano J., Masana E., et al. Light pollution offshore: Zenithal sky glow measurements in the mediterranean coastal waters 2018 Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer 210     91 100 DOI
2018-010 Madiedo J.M., Zamorano J., Trigo-Rodríguez J.M., Ortiz J.L., Izquierdo J., et al. Analysis of the September ∈-Perseid outburst in 2013 2018 Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 480 2   2501 2507 DOI
2018-011 Dullo B.T., Knapen J.H., Williams D.R.A., Beswick R.J., Baldi R.D., et al. The nuclear activity and central structure of the elliptical galaxy NGC 5322 2018 Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 475 4   4670 4682 DOI
2018-012 Pelló R., Hudelot P., Laporte N., Mellier Y., Balcells M., et al. The WIRCam Ultra Deep Survey (WUDS): I. Survey overview and UV luminosity functions at z ∼ 5 and z ∼ 6 2018 Astronomy and Astrophysics 620   A51     DOI
2018-013 Aguirre-Aguirre D., Carrasco E., Izazaga-Pérez R., Páez G., Percino-Zacarías E., et al. MEGARA optics: Sub-aperture stitching interferometry for large surfaces 2018 Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific 130 986 045001     DOI
2018-014 Borlaff A., Eliche-Moral M.C., Beckman J.E., Vazdekis A., Ciambur B.C., et al. Evolution of the anti-truncated stellar profiles of S0 galaxies since z = 0.6 in the SHARDS survey: II. Structural and photometric evolution 2018 Astronomy and Astrophysics 615   A26     DOI