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MOSAIC is a multi-object and multi-integral field spectrograph that will use the widest possible field of view provided by the E-ELT.  The MOSAIC top-level requirements have been based on a comprehensive White Paper  summarizing the very numerous scientific cases for a multi-object spectrograph on the E-ELT. MOSAIC will have three operating modes: a high multiplex mode (HMM) covering the visible and near-infrared domain; a high definition mode (HDM) that will provide spatially resolved observations in the near-infrared; and a multi light bucket integral field mode for the Inter-Galactic Medium mode (IGM). 

The Consortium includes countries in the core of the project (Partners: France, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Brazil, Germany) as well as other participating countries (Associate Partners: Austria, Finland, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Sweden) including those interested in financially supporting the project in exchange of Guaranteed Observing Time or in participation in Public Surveys.

IPARCOS contribution

Jesus Gallego is member of the Steering Committee...