Institutos Universitarios

Research Lines

Organic Synthesis

  • Development of new C-C and C-N bond-forming reactions using boronic acids and their derivatives as reagents. Current research in this area is focused on the promotion of the reactions under metal-free conditions.
  • Synthesis and validation of chemical probes sensitive to oxygen and free radicals for their application in new cellular diagnostic tools, in collaboration with ARRAYS FOR CELLS NANODEVICES.


  • Development of novel anti inflammatories and anti fibrotic drugs.
  • Development of LDH inhibitors for the treatment of Dravet syndrome (severe myoclonic epilepsy in infancy, SMEI). 


Design of new radiotracers for in vivo diagnosis of Alzheimer´s disease and other CNS diseases by [18F]-PET. Current research in this aerea is focused on the visualization of neurofibrilary tangles and prefibrilar amyloid, as well as inflammation markers. Collaborations with Curium Pharma Spain and Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf (Radiopharmaceutical and Chemical Biology Department, Prof. Jens Pietzsch).