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Grupo para el Estudio de la Salud Cardiometabólica (GESCAMET)

Group for the Study of Cardiometabolic Health


Our purpose is to understand pathophysiological mechanisms in cardiovascular disease (CVD) aimed at evaluating new drugs and designing new intervention strategies to prevent and/or slow the progression of CVD associated with overweight and obesity, as well as chronic kidney disease.

Our basic research is focused on the relationship between excess adipose tissue and the development of CVD, as well as in characterizing some of the molecular mechanisms involved in their development. We have a particular interest in the study of the influence of perivascular adipose tissue, as a source of paracrine factors, on vascular function and structure.

With a translational perspective, we are also interested in investigating and fostering community pharmacist´s intervention, delivered as a combination of health education, nutritional follow-up, and modification of life style habits, to prevent and/or reduce metabolic alterations associated with obesity.


If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go in company.

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