Non-EU students with Professional Training Studies



General Information:

Previous studies:

  • Students who have completed their Professional Training Studies either in non-EU education systems or countries that do not hold an exchange agreement with Spain.
  • Students who have not completed their Professional Training Studies in any of the EU countries and, therefore, do not fulfill the university entrance requirements in their home countries.


How to apply:

Steps to the admission process at the Complutense University



1.- Accreditation/validation of foreign Professional Training studies by the Spanish Ministry of Education.

2.- Specific Competency Exams (PCE) in UNED or the voluntary stage in any other university. 

In order to choose the optional subjects for the PCE´s that will get you the best scores for your degree, look up the following links: 


UCM weightings 2022/2023

Grade Average 2022/2023 (Group 1) 


3.- Language accreditation. Required a certified B2 level of Spanish



Citizens of non-Spanish speaking countries must get at UNEDassis´ accreditation of their B2 level of Spanish, is required. Exceptions:

    • Those who have studied in a Spanish-speaking education system.
    • Those who apply for studies taught entirely in English: Economics, Business Administration and Management.



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