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Robust statistical procedures for high dimensional data based on distances

Brief description

High dimensional statistical inference has become a very hot area of research in recent times due to the exponentíal growth in the availability of data in millions of features (variables like genes, networks, etc.). The analysis of such datasets having number of observations (n) smaller than the number of features or variables (p) cannot be accomplished through the classical statistical methods and we need to develop advanced procedures and efficient computational algorithms for such datasets. Thís encompasses new procedures for (a) supervised regressíon and classification models where the number of covariates is of much larger order than n; (b) unsuper­vised settings such as clustering or graphical modeling with more variables than observations, or (c) multiple testing where the number of null hypotheses to be tested is larger than the sample size. High-dimensional data are prevalent in many domains of modern science such as genomic (Wu et al., 2009), neuroimaging  (Jenatton et al ., 2012; Vu et al., 2011) and economics (Fan et al., 2011). Fan and Li (2006) presented a few problerns from various frontiers of research to illustrate the challenges of high-dimensionality: This included such areas as computational biology, health studies, financial engineering and rísk management, machine learning and datamining.




External Collaborators

  • Narayanaswamy Balakrishnan (McMaster University Hamilton, Ontario Canada)
  • Ayan Basu (Indian Statistical Institute, India)
  • Kostas Zografos (University of loannina Probability-Statistics & Operational Research Unit, Greece)
  • Abhik Ghosh (Indian Statistical Institute, India)



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  • 7  de junio  de  2023. Maria Jaenada, member of IMI and PhD student of Professors N. Balakrishnan and L. Pardo, has received the "Best Young Statistician Award", from the Greek Statistical Society, during the thirty-fifth congress of the said society for the paper "Step-stress test experiments under interval censored data with lognormal lifetime distribution" held at the West Atica University of Athens from May 25 to 28 of this month of May.

    Congratulations Maria!

María Jaenada Malagón


  • 30 de junio de 2021. Fundación BBVA.  El poder de la estadística Entrevistas en video a galardonados con los Premios SEIO – Fundación BBVA 2020 y con las Medallas de la SEIO. Entre ellos Leandro Pardo (miembro del IMI) y Laureano Escudero (Miembro del Comité Asesor externo del IMI).